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[R] RS_Gollum vs GoW-Eshez

#1Eshez  Mar 11 2007, 10:29 AM -
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since im a conq wannabe


#2Poita_  Mar 11 2007, 11:34 AM -
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I'm gonna review this one you noobs.
#3Eshez  Mar 11 2007, 11:53 AM -
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#4SuperiorX  Mar 11 2007, 12:12 PM -
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and im gona watch it now thumb.gif
#5SuperiorX  Mar 11 2007, 12:28 PM -
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very nice game, esh u rename your com wont spoil it for the rest....

RS is the defenition of DIE HARD or TILL THE BITTER END i guess the dude never gives up, a very solid game bit of evrything by both players as well a must watch for any unc or eshez wannabess. thumb.gif
#6havik  Mar 11 2007, 13:36 PM -
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very very nice...must watch for all!
#7Poita_  Mar 11 2007, 13:37 PM -
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IPB Image

Finn's Revenge

v 3220 retail

RS_Gollum IPB Image vs IPB Image Eshez

Game Summary:

Both players use similar build orders with Eshez opting for more engineers while RS_Gollum starts with 2 flares. RS_Gollum manages to kill an engineer and cause a little disturbance on enemy ground giving him a little bit of advantage but nothing that Eshez cannot handle. With 2 factories up each both sides push their commanders forward but little results from this as they both run into each other and decide to regress back into a more defensive position.

The game is in a bit of a lull with both sides playing quite defensively but Eshez promptly breaks the silence by racing in a flare gunship, killing the majority of RS_Gollum's army and even managing to kill a few engineers within his base. This gives Eshez the momentum to push onto RS_Gollum's side forcing him into a turtle. RS_Gollum loses all his outside mass extractors but manages to regain a few by using his commander.

Despite being behind in economy RS_Gollum manages to hit tier 3 first and expectedly starts spamming Harbingers. Eshez hits tier 3 soon after but finds himself playingly defensively for a short period of time. After fending off RS_Gollum's initial attack, Eshez goes on the offensive with his larger Harbinger army. Unbeknownst to Eshez, RS_Gollum had been massing tier 1 bombers and interceptors. Both players go eye for eye; Eshez with his Harbingers down one side and RS_Gollum with his Harbingers and bombers down the other. Both players cripple each other's bases but Eshez is left in a better state and quickly has Harbingers back in full production.

Unable to contend with Eshez's superior economy, RS_Gollum flees to the south-eastern island in a last-ditch attempt and begins massing an airforce of interceptors and gunships. Eshez quickly starts production of destroyers to finish RS_Gollum off but he doesn't go down without a fight. RS_Gollum manages to kill 2 of Eshez's destroyers before finally being overrun.


+ Your early flare raids worked very well. You killed the engineers then kept them alive. Even if the flares don't end up killing anything else, just having them alive in his base keeps him on his toes. Nice work.
+ You managed to tech up quickly despite being at a disadvantage.
+ Those shimmers were a nice touch at tier 3. You controlled them well, going for his power, engineers and fabricators.

- You were a bit slow with your expansion early on. Some of the mass extractors on your side didn't get built until after 5 minutes.
- Also, you were quite slow to build more factories. If you are going to use your ACU offensively then you need to have some engineers to cover the factory building duties early on.
- As Aeon you should send auroras to the islands first, even if it's just one. Considering how little mass there is on Finn's you really need to fight for them.
- Don't forget about mass storage. You built it once you fled to the island but you should've built it in your main base earlier on.


+ Very nice use of the transport gunship. It allowed you to push down that side and I would be tempted to say that it won you the game.
+ All round nice play. You had solid control of your economy, scouting and a good grasp of what to do and when to do it.

- One of your factories had it's spawn point set in your base. For a very long time you had units spawning in your base and not being used. Could've helped a lot early on.
- After upgrading your first mex to tier 2 you upgraded it again to tier 3. You should upgrade other mexes to tier 2 before going tier 3. I suspect that this was just an mistake.
- You sent auroras to the bottom isle but failed to send an engineer there until later on when RS_Gollum had already secured it. That's an easy +4 mass wasted.
- As with RS_Gollum you never built any mass storage. It can really help, especially on that tier 3 extractor that you had early on.

Game rating 7/10

This was a very entertaining game and both players played very skillfully.
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#8Poita_  Mar 11 2007, 13:41 PM -
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Very good game guys. I was very tempted to give this an 8. Maybe next time thumb.gif
#9Play  Mar 11 2007, 14:22 PM -
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very good game indeed. Both played much like I think SupCom is intended to be played. Many different units, not 2 much T3 Bots and both have their own strategies. I am not telling you I m very good in this Game but I m not dumb either. I would say Eshez has a very good managing overall + a good micro (I think he sometimes drow his red health point harbingers back to push with the full green ones). If he can improve this micro (or maybe has more time for it depending on situation and map of corse) he may very well get on top of his kind wink.gif. Gollum impressed by his ambitious will to win and never gave up in this game. Keep on this thinking, it will help you win games which seem lost in the first place even more often.

#10Deltrax  Mar 11 2007, 15:24 PM -
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It's on one hand impressive and on the other a bit dissapointing. It's a slightly bigger map than I have seen Gollum play on, as I'm thinking about the impressive silver battle with Funkoff where he did almost kill Funkoff with the same buildorder. Anyway, very impressive play both, 'tho I would have liked a bit more turtleing, T2 landbattles and massive bases with shields and T2 PD's or maybe massive fleets. But I always make a critical thinking error on these watrermaps - Aeon CAN transverse water quite easily. So this is like any open map, strike anywhere anytime with any unit. And both of 'em did just that. Both manage to kill off a bit of the others base, but Eshez has many more mexes left, tho' seriously hampered with the power, which he quickly rebuilds. But Gollum just gave Eshez the whole map, abandoning his base. A few T2 PD's insead of all those harbs.. dunno what the outcome whould have been.
Nice match to watch. thumb.gif
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