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New Supreme Commander 2 Experimental Units Revealed

By Birk - 10th February 2010 - 20:05 PM

Chris Taylor, the lead designer for the upcoming sequel Supreme Commander 2 has graciously given us some more experimental units to think about when we go to sleep at night.

The Bomb Bouncer

This unit is quite remarkable it has a massive shield that is projected out over the top of it protecting itself and all of the units within the area. Now, when incoming weapon fire hits this shield it actually bounces back and this is where the bomb bouncer gets its name and it has a special weapon called the mega-blast that charges when various missiles and bombs hit the shield, when you’re ready you hit the mega-blast button and you do a massive amount of damage to units up above and in the immediate area and you can also charge the mega blast with your energy reserves before you go into battle.

The Pulinsmash

This unit is outrageous its massive and it deploys these big arms that spin and creates this vortex, this field inside ,that sucks enemy units up into it. Now the first one it sucks up it actually suspends, but the second one that comes in smashes against the first one and blows them both up! Very powerful , very devastating, it sucks tanks up off the ground and suck aircraft that are flying past right out of the air smashing them together..Boom! The Pulinsmash, another great experimental unit in Supreme Commander 2.

The Kraken

This is a very unique experimental unit, it has a very intimidating look and its look matches its firepower! It can take on nearby ships, it can Zap aircraft and you can take it close to the shore and attack structures and units on land and you can also take on enemy submarines as well . It’s just a lot of fun and you can take this unit out and have a blast at everything you meet…the Cybran experimental submarine, the Kraken.Source: EpicBattleAxe.com