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Supreme Commander 2 Launch Cup - The Finals

By Emblis - 7th March 2010 - 15:44 PM

Here we are, our very first GameReplays Supreme Commander 2 tournament is under way! Yesterday, our 48 participants fought the first round on Finns Revenge, followed by Field of Isis. After some very intense games, the winners moved on with Arctic refuge and finally Bride in a Single elimination bracket, best of one match. We did have some of technical problems due to our system still being in Alpha phase, but finally managed to finish the four first rounds.

IPB Image

Today, the last two round will be played, best of three on each map.
Our four finalists are:

Funkoff vs. Coldplay-
ColaColin vs. brn4meplz

The map cycle will be:
5th round: #1 Treallach Island, #2 Markon's Bridge, #3 Spring Duel
6th round #1 Arctic Refuge, #2 Finn's Revenge, #3 Treallach Island

The third map will only be played if the first two games result in a draw.

There will be a livecast of one semi-finals game and the final by Ridley and pho3n1x which you can view on the Voices of War Livestream Page

In case you are in the mood to bet on the results of the tournament check out our GameReplays Launch Cup Tournament Betting Game