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GameReplays Supreme Commander 2 Tournament II

By Emblis - 11th March 2010 - 18:50 PM

Sign-ups for the second Gamereplays.org Supreme Commander 2 tournament are open. This tournament will have 64 spots open, so make sure to sign-up fast! (Only sign up if you plan to show up...)

Tournament details:
  • Date: Saturday 13 March, 2010
  • Time: The tourney will start at 19:00 GMT on Saturday (Time Zone Converter)
  • Teams: There will be a cap of 64 players
  • Game type: 1v1, Normal, All Factions
  • Rules: See below
  • Maps:
    1st round: Arctic Refuge
    2nd round: Clark Training Center
    3rd round: Markon Bridge
    4th round: Open Palms
    5th round: Treallach Island
    6th round:
    #1 Treallach Island
    #2 Clark Training Center
    #3 Arctic Refuge
  • Location: Join the GameReplays Supreme Commander 2 Steam Group
  • Prizes: Points on the GameReplays Supreme Commander 2 Player ladder
  • Format: The tournament will be Best-of-One, Single Elimination, Round five onwards will be Best-of-Three
  • Sign-Up: Sign up
For the players, who are not able to get into the tournament within the first 64 sign-ups, there will be a waiting list. This means if a player does not show up on Saturday, a player from the waiting list will be picked.

For everyone else, who does not want to play, there will be a livecast.

IPB Image

Fine Print:

Date and time: To convert the tournament starting time to your time zone, use this Time Zone Converter.

Seeding: Seeding will be done through random assignment after 64 teams have registered. Brackets will be released as quickly as they are filled up. Once the brackets are posted, seeding is considered final.

Unit Restrictions: Transports are not allowed. If you build a single transport during the tournament, you will be disqualified. You are, however, allowed to research the transport tech in order to advance in the tech tree.

Draw: If both commanders go down at the exact same time, the game should be reported to the Referee. The game will then most likely be replayed on the same map with the same factions, but the Referee may decide otherwise.

Match Result and referring: There is no need for referees in game. When you finish a game, the loser has to report in the tournament system. In case there are any questions, Referees Emblis and Sebra will answer them in the GameReplays Steam Group.

Other: Players that don't show up for their play time and are more than 15 minutes late will be disqualified. At this point the other player will receive a bye(win) for the round. Once the tournament begins, you will not be able to drop-in, the only way to play in the tournament are to sign-up in advance.