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Supreme Commander 2 Patch 1.1

By Polynomial - 9th April 2010 - 02:46 AM

Updates to Supreme Commander 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

New Features

* Ranked 1v1 System! (see below for a detailed explanation of this new system)
* Ranked Challenge System (see below for a detailed explanation of this new system)
* Unranked Quickmatch (see below for a detailed explanation of this new system)
* Map Pings - Added three different kinds of map pings for team play. F5 issues a generic alert to your teammate at a specific location, and it appears as a yellow arrow when zoomed in and a yellow animated ping indicator in strategic mode. F6 is a Move ping, and it uses a blue indicator. F7 is Attack ping, and it uses a red indicator. Color coded arrows will appear on each edge of the screen where your teammate has placed one of these for you to view
* Multi-player lobby ready-up checkboxes will now "uncheck" any time a host changes the settings
* Changes to multi-player lobby exclusions, game-type, etc. will show up in the multi-player lobby chat box when the host makes changes
* Voice icons display next to each player in the multi-player lobby allowing the user to mute individual players
* Menu version number – The game now displays a version number on the Main Menu. The versioning has been adjusted at this update to 1.10 to accommodate future updates
* AI now starts as a random faction


* Cheating fix: Closed a loophole in the code that allowed some players to enable limited cheats
* Fixed rare crash if player gets kicked out of the lobby and submits chat text
* Fixed rare crash when player hits the enter key in the Skirmish menu
* Fixed replacing ready kicked player with AI causes the AI options to be locked
* Fixed inability to join DLC map games if you don't have the pack as a client

Tuning and Balance

* UEF Assault Bot Research cost decreased from 4 to 3.
* Cybran Battleship Range reduced from 128 to 115.
* Cybran Destroyer Energy cost increased from 500 to 650.
* ACU Training bonus reduced to +25% per level.
* Soul Ripper II Anti-Air Damage reduced by 50%.
* King Kripter, Colossus and Cybranasaurus-Rex Health and Damage increased by 35%.
* Cybranasaurus-Rex Range increased from 22 to 32.
* Wilfindja Speed increased from 3.6 to 4.6.
* Gantry build time reduced from 120 to 100 seconds.
* Pulinsmash weapon range increased from 50 to 100.
* Darkenoid Health increased from 20,000 to 27,500.
* AC-1000 primary weapon damage blast radius increased from 1.5 to 3.
* Cybran Air Rate of Fire boost Research cost increased from 3 to 5.
* Bodaboom Health boost increased from +20% to +30%. Aura radius increased from 20 to 30. Added a +200% regeneration bonus.
* ACUs are now repaired 150% slower.
* Increasing ACU storage size to 15.
* UEF Submarine weapon range increased by 50%. Movement speed reduced from 6 to 5.25.
* Structure bubble shields now take twice as long to come back online.
* Anti-Air Tower damage increased by 25%.
* ACUs and Engineers now get a Sonar range equivalent to their Radar range.
* ACU/Escape Pod Experience value increased to 7500.
* Gantry Experience value decreased to 1250.
* UEF/Illuminate Mass Convertor Experience value increased to 750.
* UEF/Illuminate Mobile Anti-Air Experience value decreased to 100.
* Fighter/Bomber Experience value decreased to 250.
* Transport Experience value increased to 750.
* UEF Fighter & Bomber Experience value decreased to 200.
* UEF/Cybran Battleship Experience value increased to 1500.
* Cybran Destroyer Experience value increased to 750.
* UEF Submarine Experience value decreased to 150.
* King Kriptor, Universal Colossus, Cybranasaurus Rex and Pulinsmash Experience value reduced to 3000.
* Cybran Intel Add-on Vision radius is now correctly set to 75.
* Fixed an issue with Cybran tactical missiles that prevented them from hitting a target if it was really far away.
* Illuminate ACU Teleport time reduced from 10 to 6 seconds

Known Issues

* Translation for the Ranked Games Interface in European languages will be in our next update