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Supreme Commander 2 DLC on the way?

By United_Strafes - 2nd September 2010 - 16:23 PM

DLC Units and Maps were not unheard of for Supreme Commander and Forged Alliance. Recent evidence within game files and UI suggests that Supreme Commander 2 may be in for some DLC as well. Besides Units and Maps there are rumblings of Additional Campaign Content. This may be very good news indeed as we would have to assume the developers would not just add these for fun. Of course there’s an easy way to tell if these are authentic plans for DLC - just look at the names for the Illuminate units.

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Cybran Units:
  • Intellitron : Air Scout
  • Boomerang : Nuclear Missile Defense
  • Recycler : Mass Reclaiming Facility
  • Cicada : Experimental Mobile Cloak Generator
  • Monkeylord : Experimental Spiderbot!
Illuminate Units:
  • Shotja : Sniper Bot
  • Buhbledow : Experimental Shield Destroyer
  • Sooprizer : Experimental Gunship
  • Illuminator : Experimental Intel Gathering Station
UEF Units:
  • Research Convertor : Research Conversion Facility
  • Field Engineer : Mobile Repair and Support Unit
  • Super Triton : Experimental Dreadnought
  • Jackhammer : Experimental Unpacking Cannon
  • Aegis : Experimental Shield Generator
  • Way Station Zeta (2v2)
  • Tourney Dome (4v4, FFA)
  • Rigs (2v2, FFA)
  • Etched Desert (4v4, FFA)
  • Etched Desert (2v2)
  • Desolatia (1v1)
  • Seraphim Isles (4v4)
  • Seraphim Isles (2v2)
  • Igneous (3v3)
  • QAI Labs (1v1)
Beyond new units there is some evidence of changes being made to existing units such as torpedoes on the Yenzoo. DLC may completely change the way we play the game currently, as there seem to be stealth-units and mass-structures in the works.
The two big questions... when, and are we going to have to pay?