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Supreme Commander 2 News


New Supreme Commander 2 Experimental Units Revealed

Wednesday, 10 Feb 2010
Chris Taylor, the lead designer for the upcoming sequel Supreme Commander 2 has graciously given us some more experimental units to think about when we go to sleep at night.The Bomb BouncerThis unit is quite remarkable it has a massive shield that is projected out over the top of it protecting...

FluidPlay Studios portal launched on GameReplays

Wednesday, 3 Feb 2010
We recently announced that GameReplays has started to develop its own games via a new game studio called FluidPlay Studios - with the first game being called Torment. We have just launched the FluidPlay Studios portal on GameReplays as well as a discussion forum to all your questions and...

Supreme Commander 2 Portal Launched

Sunday, 31 Jan 2010
GameReplays is excited to announce its support for Supreme Commander 2.Supreme Commander 2 (ETA: March 2010) follows on from Gas Powered Games' first installment in the series, released in 2007. The sequel promises more of the same "epic" gameplay with some new features which hopefully provide...

GameReplays launches FluidPlay - its first Game Studio

Thursday, 21 Jan 2010
GameReplays is proud to announce it is branching out into game development via a new company FluidPlay Studios. Fluidplay is a British company which has a development studio in Brazil run by our best known game designer Maddox (aka Boss Generals fame).FluidPlay will be making 3D casual games for...

GameReplays wants you!

Monday, 18 Jan 2010
GAMEREPLAYS.ORG WANTS YOU! Unless you're illiterate or dumb. Then we don't want you. I probably won't be here long, in retrospect...GameReplays is evolving. Gone are the days of regurgitation of old news, dull and uninspired labor and constant beatings! With an all new focus on the creative, the...