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Supreme Commander 2 News


SupCom2 Portal Needs You!

Friday, 10 Sep 2010
You read correctly! The GameReplays.org Supreme Commander 2 staff needs you! Not your friend who's way smarter and better then you, we need you!What's in it for me?You might ask yourself what you have to gain from becoming a member of our staff and subjecting yourself to actually working for the...

Supreme Commander 2 DLC on the way?

Thursday, 2 Sep 2010
DLC Units and Maps were not unheard of for Supreme Commander and Forged Alliance. Recent evidence within game files and UI suggests that Supreme Commander 2 may be in for some DLC as well. Besides Units and Maps there are rumblings of Additional Campaign Content. This may be very good news indeed...

Supreme Commander 2 Patch 1.20 is now Live

Tuesday, 31 Aug 2010
Dust off those ACUs, Commanders! The latest patch for Supreme Commander 2 is now live! Yes, it's a big one!Supreme Commander 2 Patch 1.20New Features:•Added AI Custom Options menu to allow fine control of each AI’s Core Strategy, Build Speed, Resource Income, Veterancy, Intel, and Target...

Supreme Commander 2 Patch Possible Very Soon

Wednesday, 25 Aug 2010
So it seems that the long awaited and much anticipated Supreme Commander 2 patch may finally be upon us. Although there is no official word yet as to when the patch will be made available, or what exactly it will contain. There is however speculation on what the patch will fix. Also, it's very...

The GFX section is recruiting!

Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010
Have you ever wanted to contribute more to Gamereplays.org than just discussing in the forums? If you are currently thinking "yes", then this is your opportunity to join GameReplays.orgs Graphics Team! As a part of this great and fast-expanding team you will be creating new tutorials, reviewing...

Alienware hosting Supreme Commander 2 Tournament

Tuesday, 13 Jul 2010
Alienware is hosting its very own Supreme Commander 2 tournament, with exciting prizes available for the taking!See details below:WAR BRIEFING:The infinite war rages on across the galaxy. Everywhere civilians are caught in the crossfire between the factions of the UEF, Illuminate and Cybran....

GameReplays.org's IRC Channel

Friday, 2 Jul 2010
Initially planned as a means of communication for staff conferences, GameReplays.org is inviting you to join the IRC channel #[email protected] as well. For those of you, who are not familiar with IRC, here is a short explanation:Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a form of real-time...

SorenGrau Cup Finals tomorrow

Saturday, 19 Jun 2010
So here we are, 14 players have been eliminated, but one last fight remains, the finals. Our finalists: Iron Commander and Nephylim. Nephylim actually got beaten down to the lower brackets in the first round by Dr_Birk but managed climb his way back up.The Finals will be held tomorrow (20th June)...

$200 SorenGrau Cup - The Finals

Friday, 18 Jun 2010
After our participants fought bravely in last weeks swiss-system qualification tournament, the number of competitors for the prize money could be narrowed down to eighteen people with two people being substitutes in case some competitors do not show up.Round 1: Best of one, Coalition...

Sign up for the $200 SorenGrau Cup

Sunday, 6 Jun 2010
Sign-ups for the previously announced SorenGrau Cup are now open. The first stage of the tournament will played Swiss style and is open to everybody.Depending on the number of participants the tournament managers will decide how many rounds will be necessary in order to determine the top sixteen...