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Kings and Castles Q&A - Submit Your Questions

Sunday, 18 Apr 2010
Kings and Castles is still well over a year away from retail and digital shelves, but luckily enough for us, Chris Taylor, CEO of Gas Powered Games, has agreed to a Q&A on Kings and Castles. From my own emails with Chris, GPG is trying to reuse almost all assets of Supreme Commander 2 for Kings...

Kings and Castles Video Blog 10

Saturday, 17 Apr 2010
Today we show you the updated dragon with a texture pass running in the game and also delve into the ancient black art of "Grey Boxing."Source

Supreme Commander 2 Patch 1.11

Friday, 16 Apr 2010
Updates to Supreme Commander 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:New FeaturesNew AI categories are now available via the Skirmish or Multi-player lobby menu: Air: Focuses on Air units. Land: Focuses on...

Supreme Commander 2 an Online Success

Wednesday, 14 Apr 2010
A quick check of the Steam leaderboards for Supreme Commander 2 might come as a bit of a surprise. 31.4% of players have unlocked the achievement for winning an online game. To put that in perspective here is an excerpt from Stardock's 2009 Customer Report: For Stardock, the more significant...

Tournament VI HellsReaper wins again!

Sunday, 11 Apr 2010
The 6th tournament is over and we have a winner again: HellReaper, who also won last week, won again! Congratulations!After some really exciting matches in the semifinals and finals, it really was getting late until we had known the winner!Results:1. HellsReaper2. Gundam Exia3. Rawrcake and...

GPG-Servo Explains 1v1 Ranking and Challenge Mode

Saturday, 10 Apr 2010
Ranked 1v1Starting with version 1.10, Supreme Commander 2 now supports Ranked 1v1 matches. Each player starts with a Ranked Rating of 1500, and each Ranked match increases or decreases your Ranked Rating. This rating determines your position on the Ranked Leaderboard.The Matchmaking Menu is...

Kings and Castles Video Blog 9

Saturday, 10 Apr 2010
In this thrilling installment, Chris gives you an update on the progress of the Dragon as well as a little peak at some new effects in Kings and Castles!Source

Supreme Commander 2 Patch 1.1

Friday, 9 Apr 2010
Updates to Supreme Commander 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:New Features * Ranked 1v1 System! (see below for a detailed explanation of this new system) * Ranked Challenge System (see below for a...

Tournament VI is on!

Thursday, 8 Apr 2010
Tournament VI is online and waiting for your sign-up! We really hope to have a livestream again, though we cannot promies right now! Tournament details:Date:10th AprilTime: The tourney will start at 18:00 GMT on Saturday, 11am West Coast, 2 pm East coast, 7 pm UK, 8 pm Germany/France (Time Zone...

GameReplays Supreme Commander 2 Interview with Chris Taylor

Thursday, 8 Apr 2010
Having reviewed your questions, GameReplays was able to compile a neat questionnaire, which we were then able to forward to Chris Taylor as part of an arranged interview. A warm 'thank you' is owed to all who participated in this event: your feedback is always valued. Without further ado, here is...