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Supreme Commander 2 Game Info

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Supreme Commander 2 is the sequel to the popular Supreme Commander and Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. The game is of the RTS genre. It’s developed by Gas Powered Games, as with the first Supreme Commander, although this time it will be published by Square Enix (previously published by THQ), the company responsible for the production of the popular Final Fantasy RPG titles. This title will be released on the PC and the Xbox 360 on the 2nd and 16th of March 2010 respectively.

Supreme Commander 2 is set 25 years after the original game. During piece talks between the three Factions of the game, the newly elected President of the CDC (Colonial Defence Coalition) is assassinated. All three factions refuse to accept responsibility for these actions and this sparks galactic war. This is the basis for the new storyline in the sequel.

Not a lot of information is known as of yet with regard to the sequel of Supreme Commander, what we do know is that the play will be on a large scale, like the original. There will be three factions present in the sequel, as with the first, The United Earth Federation, The Cybran Nation Army and the Aeon Illuminate (Also referred to as the Order of the Illuminate). Supreme Commander 2 is a continuation of the gameplay enjoyed by many in Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander. The epic battles are back, and again there is a strong focus on strategy - strategic zoom seen in Supreme Commander is again making an appearance. There are however some new features being introduced which should improve the overall gameplay. Supreme Commander 2 will feature an "pay upfront" economy rather than the "constant" income/spending economy previously. New upgrades will add a dynamic element to the strategy. Technology and weapon upgrades can be purchased using the direct resources (Energy, Mass) or through the consumption of battle experience points. Adding to the diversity is the fact that The Illuminate will have no specific naval units - only amphibious hover vehicles.

Supreme Commander was often held back by any PC slightly outdated. Gas Powered Games claim that these performance issues which plagued Supreme Commander will be fixed in the sequel which according to Chris Taylor, will be able to run on a PC three years old. After Gas Powered Games' last production Demigod was plagued by connection issues, Steam has been chosen as the multiplayer platform for Supreme Commander 2.

Comparisons with Supreme Commander

  • Strategic zoom.
  • New economy.
  • More dynamic/non-linear with improved upgrades and tech trees.
  • Pay upfront system rather than the "constant" economy of SupCom.
  • Upgrades can be purchased through experience gained in battle, or from the direct resources (Energy, Mass).
  • Better performance than SupCom.
  • Illuminate no naval (only amphibious).
  • Steam Support.