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GameReplays.org SupCom2 2v2 Tournament III

By Wucked - 30th July 2011 - 17:46 PM

After many requests to have a 2v2 tournament again, we've decided to host one on Saturday August 6th. The tournament will begin at 19:00 GMT and will be a single elimination tournament.

You can sign up with a teammate or without a teammate. If you sign up without a teammate, you will be paired with someone else who also signed up without a teammate. If your planned teammate does not show up then you can request to put in the pool with the rest of the players that showed up without a teammate.

You must have the recently released Supreme Commander 2 DLC installed in order to participate in the tournament.

Maps will be:
R1 - Etched Desert - bo1
R2 - Fields of Isis - bo1
R3 - Iskellian Coast, Way Station Zeta, Powderhorn Mesa - bo3
R4 - Way Station Zeta, Mirror Island, Fields of Isis - bo3

3rd place matches will include the same maps as the finals.

  • The gametype will be assassination.
  • No units will be banned.
  • No observers are allowed aside from official GameReplays.org commentators.
  • The sign-up limit will be 16 teams(32 players).
  • Players that sign-up after all 32 player spots have been filled will be put on a waiting list and can still have a chance to participate in the tournament should there be participants that don't show up.
  • Players are required to save their replays in case disputes need to be settled.
  • Any use of exploits/glitches is forbidden. Cheating will be met with harshly.
  • If you have any further questions, please send Wucked a private message.
Please register HERE.

Make sure you are in the steam chatroom for the GameReplays SupCom2 Group at 18:55 GMT on Saturday August 6th.