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A Call To Arms by Nite Of Misfortune

By Birk - 13th July 2014 - 12:59 PM

Greetings fellow human beings.

Community member Nite Of Misfortune has a few things he would like to say about two upcoming tournaments that will be held late in august.

"Greetings commanders! When I first bought Supreme Commander 2 back in 2010, god it has been a long time, I was not expecting much more than a Red Alert style game with a few bigger tanks. However, from the first Fatboy that I built, I fell in love with the game; love that would blind me from other life occurrences for the next four years. Supreme Commander 2 was not merely a Red Alert style game, it was a game with great tactical variation, epic units and massive maps, qualities that helped create a game of epic proportions. After a few games with some friends against AI, I decided to give online play a shot. I joined a lobby titled "FFA" and saw numerous players with the tag "MM", a duo of letters that defined the aim of my later training. I soon came to realize that these players were basically gods who could beat me with nothing more than a few mobile missile launchers. But the game captivated me by that point and I refused to put it down. I watched YouTube videos and played more games against MM, REC, EDC, and FV players, learned build orders and micro. Pretty soon I was not being beat by gimmick strategies, and I was able to win most games against random players. Supreme Commander 2 has worked its way into my daily routine by that point.

Soon after I met another person that helped define the future of the game for me. A person with whom I would start my clan, OSS. Together we played more games and grew as players, breaking the barrier into becoming demigods of our own sort. We recruited a few more players for our clan and made great friends which we keep to this day. Those were the golden days of Supreme Commander 2 for me. Unfortunately, the very people whom I grew up with as a player were leaving in great numbers. Pretty soon the only old players that remained were MM, but they were no longer gods to us, but mortals who were seldom beatable. I hosted a number of tournaments in honor of my love for the game and in an attempt to keep the old players playing. MM obviously dominated every tournament and it was more of who can get 3rd or 4th place rather than anything else. By that point there was not much other competition online other than MM. But then something amazing yet terrible happened. Patch v1.26 came out and changed much of the DLC game. I did not like this patch at first because it allowed for spam tactics to become more dangerous, switching the meta from the 2 factory start to a 3 factory start. A lot of the "holy grail" tactics that MM had developed, that many players had naturally copied, did not work as well anymore. I decided to hold a new tournament in honor of this patch but soon found out that no one was willing to play. The final members from MM have left and there was a vast wave of new players who did not want to play assassination games. The community was dying. However, somewhere along the line a group called STA was born, a group that I initially disliked for reason that I shall not go into here, that soon transformed into a hub for the new players to push themselves to get better. Unfortunately, this happened 1 year ago when I had decided to take a break from the game for my first year in college.

A couple of weeks ago I came back to Supreme Commander because I found out about a 2v2 tournament which is going to be held August 29th - 31st. I started playing again and experienced something I haven't in a long time. The game felt new, sure it retained a few aspects from v1.25 and had tactics that I generally disliked but the game was exciting again. I wasn't good anymore and I was discovering the game all over again, but with a few old friends I made a while back. I am now training for that tourney and have decided to create a parallel 1v1 tournament for those who like a straight up match-up.

This post(sorry for it getting kind of long) is for all the new and most importantly old players. The game is not the same and in a way more exciting. Reinstall the game and give it a try once more, no matter how good or bad you were/are. Sign up for the tournament! Show your support for the game. It pains me to see empty lobbies, downed forums, and websites that don't care enough about my game. A game that has as much potential now as did as when it came out. But why should they? Give them a reason to care. There are plenty of players left at all sorts of experience. Together we can give life to the game we loved once more! And remember, Supreme Commander 3 is now more feasible now that GPG has been acquired by Wargaming.net." Written by OSS | | Nite of Misfortune