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Community Balance Pack 1v1 DLC Tournament I

By Birk - 19th October 2011 - 00:22 AM

Hello ladies and gents! We would like to announce the first CBP tournament. As the name implies, this tournament will be run with the Community Balance Project mod, and the accompanying CBP map pack. Why use this mod? Because we believe that a better balanced game and better balanced maps lead to a better tournament experience, for observers and players. Have you ever wanted to see people play Cybran to win? Or see fully upgraded Weedoboths lose an air fight? Perhaps you have ever wondered what playing Aeon would be like if the Urchinow, Airnomo and Wilfindja were remotely useful? Now you can!

This tournament will be hosted by Nephylim and Reddev32. The tournament will be hosted on October 22nd at 20:00 CEST. (GMT+2) Use this website to help you determine the tournament start time in your timezone.

Prizes: 50 for first place and 25 to the runner up.

The tournament will be livestreamed. Make sure you tune in to the Obliterating Wave Livestream.
During the tournament we will be using the Obliterating Wave Steam group chat. Make sure you're there when the tournament starts!

CBP Download Link.
Installation instructions and changelog included.

Mappack Download Link
Installation instructions: Just move the file to your supreme commander 2 folder (usually C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\supreme commander 2\gamedata)
If your browser opens the file as a .zip please save it and rename it to .scd.

Please make sure that you have got the DLC for Supreme Commander 2 as you will need it.

Map pool ~ Most maps we use the CBP version so please download the map pack aswell which is linked above.

Winners Bracket:
Ro16, bo3 ~ Coalition Shipyard, Desolatia, Waystation Zeta ~ Best of 3
Ro8, bo3 ~ Clarke Training Center, Seraphim Site, QAI Labs ~ Best of 3
Ro4, bo3 ~ Seraphim Site, Weddell, Treallach ~ Best of 3
Ro2, bo3 ~ Clarke Training Center, Seraphim Isles, Finns Revenge ~ Best of 3

Losers Bracket:
Round 1 ~ Waystation Zeta ~ Best of 1
Round 2 ~ Finns Revenge ~ Best of 1
Round 3 ~ Seraphim Site ~ Best of 1
Round 4 ~ Desolatia, QAI Labs,Treallach Island ~ Best of 3
Round 5 ~ Finns Revenge, Waystation Zeta, Seraphim Isles ~ Best of 3
Round 6 ~ Clarke Training Center, Weddell Isles, Desolatia ~ Best of 3

Championship Round: Seraphim Site, Waystation Zeta, Clarke Training Center, Coalition Shipyard ~ Best of 5

Tournament Rules:
The gametype will be assassination.
No units will be banned.
No observers are allowed aside from Reddev32 & Nephylim.
The sign-up limit will be 32 players.
Players that sign-up after all 32 spots have been filled will be put on a waiting list and can still have a chance to participate in the tournament should there be participants that don't show up.
In case both ACU's are detonated in a match, the match will be a draw and will be replayed on the same map.
Any use of exploits/glitches is forbidden. Cheating will be met with harshly.
Players are required to save their replays in case disputes need to be settled.