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Supreme Commander 2 Clan Listings

By -Sebra - 20th February 2010 - 20:15 PM

Included here is a list of Supreme Commander 2 clans who frequent GameReplays listed alphabetically. If your clan is not listed and you would like the clan's information put on this page, or if you'd like some current details changed, simply post in the clan sign-up topic and an Administrator will look into it.

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Clan Name: All Hail CZAR!!!
Clan Leader: MikesWrath
Clan Website: http://czar.clan.su/

Clan Information: MikesWrath believed that clans should not just be competetive, but enjoy the game as they play with a clan. This clan was founded on those exact beliefs and are being held up every day the clan goes forward. Very active through matches hosted by MikesWrath and commanders, we win together, breathe together, bleed together, and die together. All shall know us and some may even chant "All Hail CZAR!!!" in spite of us. The CZAR is what unites the clan and brings us all together as 1 superpower instead of individual members. There may be some haters, maybe some admirers, but even in the face of defeat we still remember beliefs that MikesWrath founded the clan upon. All Hail CZAR!!!

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Clan Name: Legion of Annihilation
Clan Leader: nebu
Clan Website: www.loa-clan.de

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Clan Information: German supreme commander gaming since 2007. We won many tournaments and we are the GameReplays.org clanleague former champion! At the moment we look to become one of the best clans in supreme commander 2 again.

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Clan Name: The Last Exile
Clan Leader: Freemon
Clan Website: www.thelastexile.net (EXL's Steam Profile)
GameReplays Clan Forum: GR Clan Forum

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Clan Information: This clan was founded on January 8, 2008 by Gordan Freemon, Zebra105s, Bus_Driver, Mindsweeper, and Stanby. A closely knit cohesive friendship based community with "Respect", "Freedom" and "Reputation" being the general philosophy of what this clan stands for. We started to play, and win, and our eyes were always on the lookout for people who not only possessed skill, but also had the right attitude and personality with a strong desire to become better players.

The success of this clan is the result of each and every member who make this clan what it is and what it stands for. What is most rewarding is to see Freemon's vision become a reality, and to know that the founding principles of this clan have been successful.

Just like the clan was in SupCom, we shall continue our work on SupCom 2.

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Clan Name: Voices of War
Clan Leader: Spoiler, Kryo
Clan Website: www.myvowclan.de

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Clan Information: VoW is a German multigaming clan, since 2001 focused on Strategy, but also playing a lot of other stuff. We are in Supreme Commander since early beta 2006 and we are one of the best clans. We will put all our skill in Supreme commander 2 to get the best again!