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DLC Tournament III - After Action Report

By shugyosha - 20th July 2011 - 19:25 PM

It was time to dust of the commander's boots last Friday as GameReplays.org held the Supreme Commander 2 DLC Tournament III. All 32 slots were filled up pretty quickly showing that there are still people playing the game and are interesting in competitive play. After five rounds DaemonicKnight was the last man standing, winning fame and the following interview.

Interview with DaemonicKnight, Winner of III Tournament

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Congratulations to your first place finish in the tournament. Tell us a little bit about your history with Supreme Commander 2.

Thank you. I've started out playing Supreme Commander 2 as a complete noob and played a lot of 4v4. Soon I met people like tank, vax and pulse who showed me how to play and with their help I soon learned the ropes of the narrow minded aspects of 4 vs. 4. After this I started to play 1 vs. 1 and joined the clan MM and with a lot of practice we all soon became good players. I took a two month break from Supreme Commander 2 but came back when I heard there was going to be a tournament.

In the games I saw you played quite aggressively, even on a 'big' map like Coalition Shipyard. Is this your overall style or does your earlygame aggressiveness depend on other factors?

Playing aggressively can scare your opponent into making mistakes or at least force him to make decisions he would normally not do, such as making a point defense or getting a factory shield. However on Coalition Shipyard I used my build to apply early pressure to kill his air units and force him to make two anti air towers on his factories. This cost him a lot of mass. As I was only producing Wasps off of one factory I had a lot more resources to spend than him. This meant I could be aggressive with land units as all he had to defend himself was Wasps.

On other maps such a open palms I played aggressive against splattedone for example. I could abuse the fact that Cybrans don't have a counter to point defense in the earlygame other than making a huge investment into mobile missile launchers which they wouldn't use for the rest of the game against tank pushes. The only real disadvantage of playing aggressive early is the units lost due to long distance travel to get into battle.

You changed your race in the tournament at least once. What led you to that decision?

My faction depends on a number of factors including, what map it is, what faction I am facing and what tactic I am using. For example I wouldn't go Aeon on Coalition Shipyard as UEF is better at facing UEF on this map. Also if I'm facing Aeon on Open Palms I wouldn't go UEF as tactical missile launchers are so powerful on that map.

Who was your most difficult opponent on the road to victory?

My most difficult opponent, hmm... probably splattedone because the only difficult game I had with FunkOff was the first game where I 'three factory'-rushed against mobile missile launcher drop. it was the only reason I lost as that just doesn't work. Also the third game against splattedone was very hard for me as I've never transport dropped before but I knew I needed to do it. I saw his points go up too high at the beginning which meant he was teching his ACU.

That concludes my quick interview. Thank your for your time DaemonicKnight.

Thank you for the interview, shugyosha. I just hope to see more tournaments for Supreme Commander 2 in the future as it's a really fun game.

Interview with Birk, Leading Staff of III Tournament

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Every tournament has not only a winner but an organizing staff working behind the scenes. Birk was in the lead for this tournament and I took him aside to see how everything went:

How was the tournament from a behind the scenes point of view?

As usual, we're really busy the first couple of rounds, new players who are unfamiliar with the tournament system and perhaps tournaments in general require some guidance and there's tons of issues that need to be resolved, especially in the first round. After the first couple of rounds, the tournament starts to run more smoothly and there's not much to do.

The turnout was pretty good. Do you plan more tournaments in the near future?

Yea, after the great turnout we're definitely considering more tournaments. Next we might either do a 2 vs. 2 tournament, which have always been popular or one of Wucked's crazy hybrid tournaments which we have gotten some great feedback on.

That's it from my side. Be sure to watch and discuss the uploaded replays and stay tuned for more tournaments and coverage.