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DLC Tournament IV - After Action Report

By shugyosha - 12th October 2011 - 16:12 PM

Another Supreme Commander 2 tournament was held last Saturday and was quite a success. All thirty-two slots filled quickly and players duked it out in five rounds. As the nuclear dust of former commanders settled, only 00_Gundam_Exia's ACU remained for the glory and an interview. Several games were streamed and you can follow the links for the videos and replays. The game between DaemonicKnight and NuclearPizza was quite interesting, but let us get straight to the interview.

shugyosha: Hello Gundam, please tell us a little bit about yourself and your Supreme Commander 2 history.

00_Gundam_Exia: I am a fan of TA (Total Annihilation). That was my first game for the PC. After a few years that went by and I got to know about Supreme Commander 1. I started under the nick of Gundam_Exia but wasn't all that special there, a lot of strong opponents, but I found it to be a lot of macro and less micro. After playing for about three years I lost interest in it and after a year or so I heard about the Forged Alliance expansion. But I was too late with buying it. It wasn't available anymore in the Netherlands only for downloading or import. Then I heard of the development of Supreme Commander 2 so I just waited and here I am today.

A little information about myself. I am from the Netherlands, have been playing Supreme Commander 2 since it got released. Favorite faction is UEF, my strong point is mainly 1v1.

shugyosha: Yes, I noticed that you mostly play UEF with the occasional switch to Aeon and Cybran. How does UEF fit your strategy?

00_Gundam_Exia: For me it was mostly training with a weak faction at the start to get stronger. When the game got released UEF was the weakest faction back then. I learned a lot by playing UEF, but I can make most out of my strategies with Aeon and the best faction to train for me now would be Cybran. They are now considered underpowered.

Every faction got its strong points, its advantages, its weakness, its counters, etc. I pretty much try to grasp a lot of stuff from the other factions. But I find UEF neutral: They are a good faction to play with or against it, you get a lot of options and useful experimentals, their air is cheap to make and good enough to scout with. I mainly try to combine an air force with a ground force. For example: Scouting ahead while sending mml's to snipe down a mex or a radar or see what my opponent does and base my strategy on that. Since UEF can focus on both land and air while expanding, it makes for a good balanced force.

IPB Image
DaemonicKnight and NuclearPizza clash on Arctic Refuge

shugyosha: That is quite an interesting approach. Most players stick to the factions or units they feel are strong. So your goal was to become a competitive player from the start? Did you focus on 1v1 early on?

00_Gundam_Exia: When you start any game, be it a shooter, a RPG or a RTS-game it's best to learn from a small team game, from a 2v2 or a co-op. The reason why you should start with that is, that you need to see how others are playing. Jumping in a large team fight for example 4v4 or more will not have a good effect, because you are too confused to focus on anything (at least for me). Hence I started Supreme Commander 2 with playing 2v2's making friends.

After a month or three I had enough confidence to start 1v1's a bit. Back then there were no pro's just all about the same skill level with a few exceptions of course. People who got great micro skills from other games were taking the top easily. I also wanted to become a top player, but I took a different route. I took the route of understanding the units/strategies/factions instead of focusing on the micro/macro. That helped me a lot, but I regret starting with that. Why? Well that's because you can understand how it works, but if you don't have the skills to actually put it to use it's all for naught. That's why it took me so long to get to where I am now. I have invested a lot of time and effort into learning the units. Be it in skirmishes or from reading on the Internet.

I started with having a set mind on who I wanted to beat. I took Iron Commander as my first stepping stone. After I became close enough to actually win a game against him I took it a little higher and wanted to win a tournament. From there on I met NuclearPizza, trained a lot with him back then. Followed by PolarBear and DaemonicKnight. We would just observe games, trying to find flaws in each others games and give each other tips while viewing each other as opponents. I have always been a competitive person, but I don't need to be No. 1 with everything.

shugyosha: And now you won the 1v1 DLC tournament IV. Congratulations! How did the tournament go for you. Who was your toughest opponent?

00_Gundam_Exia: Thank you very much. I actually got in the less hard bracket. It is more that I got trouble with some maps instead of vs. people. But the person that gave me most trouble then was nothing exists.

I honestly didn't feel any pressure in the finals. But that could be because of the first round. I don't know what went through splattedone's mind. I felt that I was intimidating him enough so he would start making mistakes.

shugyosha: So we will see you dominating GameReplays.org tournaments in the future?

00_Gundam_Exia: I mostly couldn't join the past tournaments because I either was on vacation or I was scheduled to work. But when I get time to participate I will be prepared for it. I don't know if I will win it easily. But I am planning on expanding my knowledge and improve my micro and macro.

shugyosha: I'm looking forward to your next tournament games and I'm sure quite a few others will, too. Any last words for the community?

00_Gundam_Exia: Guys, it's not always about winning. My most fun games came from losing heated battles, not winning easy ones. Invite your friends over for a match and have a blast. It's fun, it makes you a little stronger and your teamwork will improve.