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Mod Spotlight: Eternal Conflict DLC

By Bastilean - 19th November 2011 - 15:12 PM

Supreme Commander 2 was published in March 2010 with the Infinite War Battle Pack following in March 2011. The mod community has been strong for previous titles such as Total Annihilation and Forged Alliance. Modders have offered new units and roles that previously never existed. In many ways people wanted to see some of the elements of the Forged Alliance and Total Annihilation in Supreme Commander 2 such as heavy units, rocket bots, radar jamming, and a healthy mass extractor economy that encourages map control.

Other items introduced by Eternal Conflict include improved unit roles, balance and more technology unlocks. Balance improvements have been developed (including some seen in the CBP mod) for land, air and sea. Existing ineffective Supreme Commander 2 units and technologies have also been reworked to be more useful and decisive. Finally, players have access to more over-the-top abilities such as detonate escape for the Cybran Armored Command Unit (ACU), speed overdrive for the UEF ACU and super nanites for the Illuminate ACU.

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The Infinite War has escalated into an Eternal Conflict. Pick your faction and rejoin the battle with new units and technologies to unleash upon your galactic foes. -Invitation to Eternal Conflict DLC

Below you can see a comparison chart of the content added by Eternal Conflict DLC in comparison to Infinite War DLC. Click on the image to go to a larger, easier to read version.

If you are interested in the gaming upgrades described above, take a look at Eternal Conflict DLC a new mod and expansion pack for Supreme Commander 2. Downloads found below. Have fun!

Links:DLC Infinite War Battle Pack is required for installation. This is an open source expansion pack for Supreme Commander 2. This expansion will be updated on an irregular basis. This expansion pack is not compatible multi-player unless all players have the same copy and version installed. This expansion requires one support mod at this time: Cerus VI's Mod Manager to function as intended. Any problems this mod or support mods may cause is your sole responsibility to resolve, although there is a pretty handy trouble shooting page on the site. Forged Alliance unit models were ported by the Revamp Mod group and published by THQ. Feel free to provide suggestions or comments. No maps are currently offered by Eternal Conflict DLC due to technical limitations. If you submit a replay of a game played with this mod please indicate so in your replay description including what version you were using. Thank you.