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Reddev32's 1v1 DLC Tournament 1/12/12

By Birk - 26th November 2012 - 16:45 PM

Welcome to the 1v1 tournament hosted by Reddev32. This tournament is my first tournament for a while as you all may have noticed so let's make it a real feast of devastation.

This will be a single elimination tournament with rounds and the maps displayed below,

Round 1 ~ Coalition Shipyard ~ BO1
Round 2 ~ Finns Revenge ~ BO1
Round 3 ~ Desolatia, Goethermal Borehole, Sinorok Rift Armory ~ BO3
Round 4 ~ Emerald Crater, Etched Desert, Mirror Island ~ BO3
Round 5 ~ Fields of Isis, Iskellian Coast, Powerhorn Mesa ~ BO3

Make sure you are in the steam chatroom of the GameReplays SupCom2 Steam group by 7:45(19:45) GMT the day. To see when this tournament happens in your time frame visit here. If you are not there by the time the tournament starts, you will be disqualified from the tournament.
All replays HAVE TO BE SAVED and uploaded to the gamereplays replay page here.

  • You are required to create a Challonge account in order to participate in the tournament or sign in on Challonge via Facebook.
  • You must have the Infinite War Battle Pack DLC for Supreme Commander 2.
  • The gametype will be assassination.
  • No units will be banned.
  • No observers are allowed aside from official GameReplays.org commentators or guest commentators.
  • The sign-up limit will be 32 players.
  • There will be no waiting list while we are using Challonge. Once the 32 spots are filled, the tournament is full.
  • In case both ACU's are detonated in a match, the match will be a draw and will be replayed on the same map.
  • Any use of exploits/glitches is forbidden. Cheating will be met with harshly.
  • The tournament will begin at 20:00 GMT no matter what the Steam or tournament tab countdown timers say.
  • Players are asked to save their replays in case disputes need to be settled.
  • If you have any further questions, please send a private message.