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The Supreme Commander 2 Section is Recruiting!

By Birk - 8th January 2011 - 11:34 AM

You read correctly! The GameReplays.org Supreme Commander 2 staff needs you!

You might ask yourself what you have to gain from becoming a member of our staff and subjecting yourself to actually working for the people of this community. There are a number of reasons why you should really consider applying. Not only will you get to work with handsome fellas like myself but you will be able to write articles, guides and cast games that will be seen and read by hundreds if not thousands of visitors and members.

Don't forget about the shiny badge!

You will also be granted a really shiny badge that you can brag at your friends with. We are currently in need of Strategy specialists and Commentators.

Strategy Specialist:

As a strategy specialist, it will be your job to post strategy guides and tips that will benefit newcomers and hardened veterans alike. In addition Strategy specialists stalk and moderate our strategy forums, ever vigilant of players in need. Having a great deal of knowledge of the game will of course make you a good candidate but there's more to it then being a great player, you also need to have the will and the endurance to assist other members with whatever problems they might be having. Forum prowling and activity is a big part of the job. If you are interested in writing guides and tips to the benefit of the community and for a ego boost, then you should really consider becoming a strategy specialist. Strategy specialists wear a teal badge that you can see below.

IPB Image


Are you witty? Are you a vocal person? Do you enjoy discussing and analyzing things? Then this is where you start reading closely. As a commentator, you will be casting in tournaments and other events. You will be doing replay reviews and other things that involve a lot of shouting, analyzing, discussing and commentating. As a commentator, you will have to make one sacrifice and that is that you might be called upon to cast GameReplays tournaments and that will prohibit you from being able to participate in them. With the launch of our brand new YouTube Channel, we will be focusing on that a lot. You're not going to be casting like crazy every day but expect to be doing it on weekly basis. Don't forget that as a commentator, you will be the center of attention, you will be the guy that everyone listens to, you will be the guy behind the mic. Can you take the pressure of being a celebrity? If so, you should really consider sending our senior commentator, BillGates(Not the rich dude.) a application. If you are still not sure if you want to get into commentating or not, check out TheWord's guide to making Video Casts and this guide on How to use Livestream and Procaster. Commentators wear a green badge that can be seen below.

IPB Image

Ok Ok! I'm interested, what do I do now?

I knew you couldn't resist. If you want to become a strategy specialist, contact our handsome admin Birk. If you are interested in becoming a commentator, send BillGates here a message. Send in your application, don't be scared, we won't bite... much.