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Tip of the Week 2 - Mind Games

By HellsHound - 31st March 2010 - 18:13 PM

The Psychology of the Game.

Many players when they are facing an opponent will go in with the thought of - ah its just a game, who cares what happens. Then they lose. Badly. This can be due to a number of reasons, but normally, its because their mindset was not right for an RTS game.

The consequences of this can range from a lack of interest in the game, to flaming, to total rage quit of the game.

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Many top players will tell you that when they play, they go in with the thought - I have to win, no matter the costs. Some beginners have this same mind set and they normally go far. In the top players case they want to prove that they are the best, without the help of aids. (For example cheats)

So the mind set you need is the same as this guy - King Leonidas
Win no matter the odds and if you cant win - Go out with a bang.

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With the mindset of needing a win, you will play your best, and force your opponent to also play their best if they have a similar mindset to you. Even when you are playing against a top tier player, this mindset will help you to improve your game and garner you the respect of the player you are playing.

This does not mean going into a game thinking that your opponent is a noob. This will most likely lead you to underestimate your opponent and make a stupid mistake which could cost you the game.

Also, when you finish a game, even if you have lost, you should always try and say good game to my opponent. Some players find this insulting, but I disagree.

If you lost, that does not mean the game was a bad game, just that your opponent out played you that time. Therefore, there is no reason not to remember your manners when you finish and say well played or good game once the game is over.

This can lead to a friendlier atmosphere after the game, and generally makes the other person feel that they have not just wasted 15 minutes of their lives.

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