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Tip of the Week #4 - Nanites

By Texonater - 21st April 2010 - 17:13 PM

This week the Illuminate Rogue Nanite is discussed with specific examples of its use and statistics to determine the most efficient way of using them to ruin your opponents.

The Feared Nanite
IPB Image
This TOTW is based on SupCom2 V1.11

The Illuminate Rogue Nanites cost 10RP to get, and follow this research path:
- ACU Damage (2RP)
- ACU Range (3RP)
- ACU Nanites (5RP)

Best Used in these builds:
-Anti ACU Rush Builds
-ACU fast OverCharge Builds

What they do:
- 10,000 hp heal
- 5,000 hp damage
- Have 2,500 hp when spawned
- Cost 750 Energy

- Once spawned will not die until used or killed.
- Do Not use Popcap, no limit on number spawned.
- Have a 45 second Recharge
- Die on attack (sacrifice)
- Auto attack any enemy in range
- Manual targeting for healing
- Cannot Heal allies
- Anything killed by Nanites does not Provide RP

-Heal your ACU (base model has 20k HP)
-Heal a Factory (Factories have 7,500 HP, so it would be healed 100%)
-Nanite Bomb enemy targets
-----PD's have 4,000 HP (instakill)
-----Factories have 7,500 HP, and would be left with 2,500, or 1 and a 1/2 yenzoo's worth of HP
-----Base ACU model has 20,000 HP, so nanite bomb is 1/4 of his hp.
-----Mex Harassment, Send a stray one toward an expansion mex, 4,000 hp (Instakill Mex)

Countering ACU Nanites:
Take advantage of the Autoattack that nanites have and keep units extremely close to the Illuminate ACU so that when a nanite spawns it will end up doing 5k damage to your units (killing a tank) instead of 10k Heal to his ACU.

Special Thanks to Enax for helping Lab many of these things.

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