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Winners circle

By cwedvin - 8th October 2020 - 06:21 AM

Welcome to the GameReplays.org Supreme Commander 2 Winners' Circle! Want to know who's won how many tournament? We've got the answer for you, as this list shows definitively who the top Supreme Commander 2 players are, in order of tournament wins. Of course, the breakdown isn't necessarily reflective of individual skill, but it does provide a general rubric of the top competitors in Supreme Commander 2.

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Top players

Top Ranks by Tournament Wins

1. FoxTermelon (2 Point)
2. Iron_Commander (1 Point)

Year 2020

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
Single Elimination TournamentFoxTermelonIron_Commander
Single Elimination 2 TournamentFoxTermelonIron_Commander
Single Elimination 3 Tournament #02Iron_CommanderMauganRa

Tallies are computed by assigning the value of 1 point for the winner of each tournament. Events with two stars are significant events requiring either highly sustained periods or extremely high intensity of competition and are assigned 3 points for winning, while runners-up earn 2 points. One-starred events are worth more than most tournaments due to prolonged competition and highly skilled player base, but not as much as double-starred events. Winners of a one-star event get 2 points, and the runners-up a single point.

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