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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

who this guy?

#1Meph  Jun 16 2008, 09:45 AM -
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this guy play perfect after first massive attack
#2LawnMower_   Jun 16 2008, 10:13 AM -
Replays: 11 Game:

Experted, wubbed and up for a review
#3MonarchDodra  Jun 16 2008, 16:22 PM -
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Wow, GPG's game was, for lack of a better word, perfect.

He used units in proportions I have seen few other players do (80%Medusa Artillery to 20%Mantis in the beginning, to counter auroras. Use of both Rhinos and Hoplites). Aggressive use of walls. Systematic reconstruction of Mex. Aggressive engineer outlaying Mex capture. Perfectly placed Cerberi. When I heard that Trebuchet fire, I just knew the game was over.

Very little air overall, but both players were too close fighting on the ground to develop any dangerous air fleets (imo). That and both players were both good enough to have just the right amount of AA: Enough to be efficient, little enough to not waste resources.

Meph played great, but GPG was just incredibly good. As meph said, his play was perfect (IMO)

From watching the game, with SHIFT held down the entire time, my personal feeling was that there was incredible micro for one man (Units instantly being redirected out of the factory, scouts aggressively kiting units). Also, the overall strategy of the game was flawless. I'm kind of wondering if meph wasn't playing against an entire team of players! Or should I say, team GPG?

Could GPG finally have developed team multyplayer? Testing it out secretly? I hope so. If GPG is just an incredibly skilled player, then I just want to say that I'm not saying he is a cheater (good heavens no), but I find the other explanation much funner. smile.gif,That and he shouldn't take offense, after all, I just said he was too good to be human smile.gif
#4Supertribe  Jun 16 2008, 16:37 PM -
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His play wasn't perfect at all post-13661-1143531603.gif Building so many shields was stupid, for starters.
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#5zzZzz  Jun 16 2008, 18:20 PM -
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Meph you played a bit to cautious the first time he attacked your base. You pushed him back with your base defense and I think you could have completely destroyed his main base with your commander and the small force you had, but you kept retreating when you really didn't need to.

As the game dragged on you started playing even more defense than you usually do... and this is the only reason I think you lost. GPG just made fewer mistakes, but since you focused on piling t1 bombers and didn't recover in the north the way he did in the south, the game slipped away from you.

All in all this is def an 8/10 game. Very well played by GPG (sorry folks not perfect like some are saying), and decently played by Meph, though I think Meph could have won this in the first 8 min if he had played more aggressive.

This needs a Funkoff review!!! thumb.gif
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#6Brainsteel_Inc  Jun 16 2008, 18:33 PM -
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Hm, this guy sure reminds me of TAG_Rock.
#7MonarchDodra  Jun 16 2008, 18:44 PM -
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Lol, yeah, sorry about the exaggerated "Perfect" play. I do think _GPGNet_ played pretty damn good. But then again, in this game, I would place both players on the same level, even though one of them won over the other. bowdown.gif

As for my above statement of "Team GPG" all playing as the same person, just ignore it as team play is a something I really hope for, and see it every occasion I get. biggrin.gif

Sometimes, all you need is a player named _GPGNet_, and a top-tier player to ask "Who is this Perfect player" for the less experienced observer to start blurting out the dumbest things... post-13661-1143531603.gif
#8perkl  Jun 16 2008, 23:24 PM -
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Misc. notes:

- very nice use of walls
- psychologically the game was already won before the last rush, red became very cautious
- nice use of stealth gens in raiding (most players would have used mobile shields, I think)
- weird lack of air, and losing both the lvl 2 land fac and bombers must have hurt red
- some curious mistakes from green here and there

Very interesting, very different game to watch. Maybe someone picks up on the stealth + hoplites raiding combo and we start seeing that more often?
#9Lord Raven  Jun 17 2008, 11:11 AM -
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I was a good game with several interesting elements (mobile stealth gens). GPGs played very good, but far from perfect. His first attack for example failed to do any significant damage to the enemies base while his own was destroyed by very few units. His overall micro was very good, but with some weired mistakes along the way. Made we wonder if the same person was playing all the time.
GPG started out with firebases to confine his enemy, Mepth countered doing the same. GPG did the right thing: building T3 artillery.
#10Testingfreak  Jun 17 2008, 13:23 PM -
Replays: 17
I wonder that so much people still don't know how great stealth is.
When I think about Cybrans the first thing which comes through my mind is their ability to stealth pretty much everything for "free"...
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