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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Exploit (Laser in 6 min on ISIS in a ranked game)

#1_LordVader  Sep 27 2009, 18:15 PM -
Replays: 11
Stryker_NET has used the comm upgarde bug to get a fast laser on ISIS in a ranked game
#2SovietSoup  Sep 29 2009, 13:16 PM -
Replays: 4 Game:
tigerd622 got RAS in 10 mins the same way playing me ranked last week. Report the game to admin to get the noob fucker banned.
#3snafu  Sep 30 2009, 21:25 PM -
Replays: 2 Game:
Proves, that cheaters (and exploiting is cheating) are even too stupid to win the game while disobeying the rules.
#4Coldplay-  Oct 10 2009, 15:29 PM -
Replays: 19 Game:
WHAT A BITCH!!! Im friend with Science project!
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