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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Probably the most hilarious win ever. 2v2v2

#1Brainsteel_Inc  Apr 8 2008, 01:43 AM -
Replays: 12 Game:
I must admit that i didn't play too well in this game, but me and my ally never gave up. In the end, things like 7 Monkeylords and 3 Megaliths attacked us. Too bad that there was nothing that could be killed. YOu gotta watch this till the end. You won't believe it!
#2Lord Raven  Apr 8 2008, 08:24 AM -
Replays: 0 Game:
Wow. Very entertaining game. The full package: all tiers, TMLs, massive Experimental use. Air, naval and land combat.

Noteworthy moments:
- Brainbreakers suicide attack, (why did he do it?!?)
- 4x Tempest vs SniperZA
- Aizen/Brainsteels base ripped apart by experimental spam.
- Aizen/Brainsteels survival thanks to Killerwolfs intervention as he suddenly turned from inactive to active.
- Shore war between Killerwolf and SniperZA/Macdeffy
- The completely wasted nuke.
- Monkeylords finally storming SniperZA/Macdeffy base

After that I thought it was over – Killerwolf had a complete base + several experimental and a way to counter the tempest (something S/M couldn’t do during the entire game). But then lady luck shined onto the guerillas from the south and Killerwolfs ACU died…
#3SleepWarz  Apr 8 2008, 09:50 AM -
Replays: 2 Game:
#4Karnov  Apr 8 2008, 23:44 PM -
Replays: 2 Game:
Wow, i can't believe 3 people failed to realise the perfect counter to your tempests was torp bombers, followed by t2 subs. Puzzling lack of air throughout the game really.
#5Poita_  Apr 9 2008, 09:54 AM -
Replays: 25 Game:
Hahahahahahaha! laugh.gif

That was the best ending ever!!!!!!!!!

I would give you 100 wubs if I could!


I got rid of the other replay and transferred the wubs to this one smile.gif
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#6AncientSion  Apr 9 2008, 16:02 PM -
Replays: 10 Game:
I agree. The game was exciting and enjoyable. And the ending was likely one of the best i have EVER seen. I would like to spoiler and comment on it, but i cant help but to worry about people who still have to watch this.
#7Srlok  Apr 9 2008, 18:34 PM -
Replays: 4 Game:
n1qshok.gif n1qshok.gif n1qshok.gif n1qshok.gif

The ending was hillarious!!!

This gets my wub for sure!
#8Brainsteel_Inc  Apr 9 2008, 22:24 PM -
Replays: 12 Game:
Thanks for deleting the other Replay. It gave me an error, so i thought the upload didn't work.
#9Diotoxx  Apr 9 2008, 23:18 PM -
Replays: 0
Hahahaha, amazing.
#10Testingfreak  Apr 10 2008, 01:14 AM -
Replays: 17
This is the perfect prove that you're a damn lucker brainsteel!
I enjoyed some parts of the replay, but I prefer if the winners win with superior tactics/skill and not with a lot luck.
It's not that they didn't play better then the other teams, but that combomb crap and some other stuff really hurt them.

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