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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

land, air and sea fight

#11Testingfreak  Jul 7 2008, 22:44 PM -
Replays: 17
Did you ever use them?
1 not microed Cooper loses to 2 more expensive Vespers, but it will kill one of them and almost kill the second one!
A microed Cooper easily beats that 2 Vespers (which cost more then twice the mass). Coopers are the best anti submarine units available and it's pretty easy to combine them with shield boats and get immun to submarine attacks.
UEF destroyer torpedos suck and the (highest DPS) cannon isn't that good for bombartment (the Seraphim one is worse, though), but the Cooper is great. It is only vulnerable to Seraphim destroyers (which got no chance vs. UEF destroyers) and air, but the Aeon destroyers (2 Coopers are absolutely able to beat an Exodus) and all frigates, submarines fail vs. Coopers...
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