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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

1v1 Hells_Hound vs BattleMoose Awsome

#1HellsHound  Jun 2 2008, 17:51 PM -
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Awsome game.
Watch experiementals and waves of aa etc in this game.
Brilliant imo
watch and enjoy pls

Awsome ending showcasing one of the main GPG net bugs, I never even knew of it till now.

Trying not to give to much away, just watch and enjoy!

#52 vs #21(reasonably close - he owned me the last time we played this map biggrin.gif)
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#2woot_commander  Jun 2 2008, 19:23 PM -
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All sera's weaknesses seem to melt away at the end there...
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#3Diotoxx  Jun 3 2008, 06:03 AM -
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119k wasted mass = 6 ythothas. Throw in t3 mobile shields with them and this game didn't have to go anywhere near that long. post-13661-1143531603.gif Flashy game at some spots but there was way too much wasted mass and mass spent on things that are just plain not effective. Bleh.
#4HellsHound  Jun 3 2008, 12:51 PM -
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Dude -

Do you know what that much mass of Ravagers does to a experimental, or maybe even just 1 nuke into them and then what. Shoulda I have started typing GG or something.

Also that much mass of percies will own the Ythothas- about a Ythotha every 4 seconds biggrin.gif
Throw in UEF shields and then good luck getting through. thumb.gif

Anyways, might not have been perfect, but it was certainly fun biggrin.gif

Love the teleport
#5MinimaDeMalis  Jun 3 2008, 15:44 PM -
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Wubbed for teleport. I rarely did this and if, then my SCUs only got a one-way ticket biggrin.gif
But I would have prepared a nuke and then telefragged his only SMD. Also teleporting and reclaiming the fallen exps later wouldve helped with your expansive building, but thats just me hoping to see more SCU-teleporting.

HH: The few ythothas in the game did good damage despite T3-PDs and Fattys. The point was that 119k mass was wasted, that cant be better than havin 6 chickens (or 2-3 T4 Bombers) sitting around
#6HellsHound  Jun 3 2008, 17:44 PM -
Replays: 29 Game:
Sorry I was abit snappy back then.
It was mostly wasted after the Yollana went up
from the time it was done to the end of the game I was at full eco production and had Double RAS on my com numchuks.gif
Also I think all mexes were T3 but ya, I see the point, he coulda built more nukes though.
#7MonarchDodra  Jun 3 2008, 17:52 PM -
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Everyone's talking about that 119K wasted mass, but it was all lost after the Yolona Oss was built, making it moot, as the Yolona was mainly already a game ender...

The teleporting was simply beautiful.

Those two wasted Ahwassa, were not. Not at all. They should never have been built in the first place.

The early drop had me ripping out my hair. There was this one point, soon after it was built, were Moose sent ALL of his aircrafts on a suicide raid. Then, your transport, instead of dropping in fragile enemy territory, just stayed in a very dangerous spot, and waited to be shot down, which it was, soon afterwards.

This game was fun to watch, at +10 speed. It kinda felt like a pissing contest. "I'm building a Mavor""Oh yeah? Well I'll see your Mavor and up you a Yolona".

Probably far from being the best game strategy wise, but you'll see things here you'll never see anywhere else.
#8Testingfreak  Jun 4 2008, 13:53 PM -
Replays: 17
Hm. Both got equal economies, but Battle only did crap with it. There wasn't one good move I've seen and instead of 30 T3 engineers he fore sure should have gotten KENNELS and a SCU to spam T3 structures across the map...

Also get Broadswords. They are better vs. assoult experimentals then Ravagers and better then anything else vs. teleports. You just need some SAMs and ASFs to control the air above your base, but that wasn't a problem for him...
#9KopiG  Jun 4 2008, 14:33 PM -
Replays: 1 Game:
Was a below average match imo.120k mass wasted just too much for me to "take"
Also was boring a little imo
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#10AncientSion  Jun 4 2008, 18:11 PM -
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Why was the nuke that was aimed at his main defeated by shields ?
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