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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

1v1 Scalestor_ vs Hells_Hound OMG awsome game lol

#1HellsHound  Jun 8 2008, 12:03 PM -
Replays: 29 Game:
A awsome tactic by him.
Nice to see someone try something different.
Ages since I have seen or used his tactic but he did it so much better than me biggrin.gif

Worth a watch and maybe a wub for the never ending action smilie_naughty.gif

Maybe a review would be nice - points @ Gnats
#2LawnMower_   Jun 8 2008, 13:07 PM -
Replays: 11 Game:
Not a very OMG awesome game sry.

Interesting tactic not seen very often yes but a poor game in general.
#3HellsHound  Jun 8 2008, 19:56 PM -
Replays: 29 Game:
If you played it, you would think differently but anyways my naysayer smile.gif
that is for another day thum.gif
#4HellsHound  Jun 8 2008, 19:58 PM -
Replays: 29 Game:
I am a noob who doubled posted and now this post cannot be deleted.
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#5Supertribe  Jun 8 2008, 21:25 PM -
Replays: 33 Game:
Going air first just to do that engineer drop was stupid, should've got the drone upgrade relatively quickly then spammed factories, may even have been faster!
#6HellsHound  Jun 9 2008, 21:14 PM -
Replays: 29 Game:
True supertribe
Maybe maybe not but the tactic was still awsome imo.
Been ages since I have seen it and he did it well.
I didnt play well but no matter it was fun biggrin.gif

Supertribe I love your editing of my post u0udiablo.gif
Realy love the fact that it says it was edited by you thumb.gif
#7FunkOff  Jun 9 2008, 21:40 PM -
Replays: 21 Game:
You're pretty good HH, but I'm not going to review a nub isis game, sorry ;p
#8Scalestor  Jun 9 2008, 23:30 PM -
Replays: 0 Game:
Now that I've been called stupid, nub etc. I think most things have been settled :-)

However, I'd like to have an explaination, now that I am such a "nub", for what reason(s) such a drop is stupid.

I understand that when going first air:
-my build-up is slightly slowed due to "unloading" the engineers from the air factory
-I am vulnerable to possilbe ground harassing and/or rushs
-I am behind in terms of land factories

If I go on to drop my engineers, I'll also have few build power in my base

However, from my "noobish" point of view, I have the following oppurtunities
-I can completely take out my opponents 2nd base and/or nearby factories destined for the front
->I might open up a 2nd front
->I might be able to break through into his main base (highly unlikely though)
-My opponent has to withdraw troops from the front to cope with the front or divert reeinforcements, thus allowing me to take the passages and push him back
-I can go T2 Air relativly fast, the disadvantage of fewer T1 landfactories is apparent, but easier to come by than a t2 air t1 air difference (so it appears to me)

I hope I didn't miss anything, so in how far are my points valid? Thanks in advance.

From what I have currently seen, this tactic is risky as hell, but can greatly tip the balance of the game to my favor.
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#9Srlok  Jun 10 2008, 08:55 AM -
Replays: 4 Game:
Well, I didnt watch to the end because some noobish mistakes were driving me mad (I ended in the T3 PD duel part)

Ok, I noticed two main mistakes on Scalestor's side and both were noobish and critical...

Lack of scouting - had u scouted properly, you could have used the TMLs to gain a huge advantage and not wasted them on useless targets..

Huge huge huge wasting of mass - WTF were you thinking??? Had u used all the mass on anything (T3 air/land, T4) the game would have been in your pocket.

Ok, some more mistakes : Scalestor, do you know what engineer assisting is??? T2 airfac is useless if it doesnt build fast enough, build a factory producing engineers on repeat next time and use those engs to assist your production.

Shields! Later on, when you were having T3PD duels, Hells_Hound had insane ammount of shields and you didnt build even one.
#10Scalestor  Jun 10 2008, 09:17 AM -
Replays: 0 Game:
Yep, I knew these concerning mass and engineers were coming, gonna try engineers on repeat. Thx
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