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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Hells_Hound vs Supertribe Canis Good Game

#1HellsHound  Jan 11 2009, 17:29 PM -
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Hey guys. Game I just played against Supertribe. Was interesting with him attempting snipes and me trying to go a tech land spam thingy. Well I had fun and it wasnt easy. Hope you all enjoy.

I would be happy if someone would reveiw this please biggrin.gif
#2DjFormat  Jul 30 2009, 18:34 PM -
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Good game. maybe a t2 mex would have been advantageous when you had the initiative?

Worth a watch dry.gif
#3LordMarshal  Aug 4 2009, 13:37 PM -
Replays: 4 Game:
Nice game, but I don't know why you always had your com in the defense. I mean, in the end I understand it, you are afraid of mercys, but before ? Tell me xD
#4Wu299  Aug 4 2009, 19:18 PM -
Short, but nice game, wubbed
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