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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

4 way Rock, Hound, Cash, Gitzi

#1HellsHound  Jun 8 2009, 20:22 PM -
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Very interesting game. Well played by all. Didnt see the end the way it ended to be honest.
A little bit of everything.

The map is a custom map called Helena's Embrace. Very nice map.
#2red.13  Jun 10 2009, 23:49 PM -
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Ok, I didn't manage to watch the whole replay, as the pace is killing me (so slooow - it gets better only after experimental bombers). I just wanted to ask one thing that made me question if that was FFA. At about 50 minute mark (a little bit after) the attack of 2 exp. bombers comes from Gitzi. Of course, before the attack he sent scouts to Tag_Rock's & Hells_hound's base. What confuses me is that Tag_Rock - just before the action - lost almost all of his air force (virtually anything that he could do against bombers was to rely on his few T3 anti-air defenses) and Gitzi didn't attack Rock, but Hells_hound, who had better defense than Rock.

It just seemed as if Rock lost all his T3 air-superiority, because he knew that he will be able to rebuild his forces, while the attack will be aimed toward hells_hound.

Something is fishy here, or I missed something big here.
#3Meroian  Jun 12 2009, 17:44 PM -
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the best moment in the replay was when tag_rock nuked that lonely t1 arti biggrin.gif
#4Xagar  Jun 12 2009, 20:27 PM -
Replays: 1 Game:
Yeah, that was pretty hilarious.
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