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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

A Newbie's Seton's Replay

#1Yleron  Jun 8 2010, 16:20 PM -
Replays: 2 Game:
I've seen a few replays on how it's done in Seton's, but I know I went wrong a few times and wouldn't mind people pointing out what I should've done better. Anyway, I don't know how interesting it'll be to watch, but it was fairly interesting to play, and tips are of course welcome smile.gif

Includes T3/4 ground and what looked like some fair naval fights on both sides and a few swings here and there.

Edit: I've watched it through and it's not a great watch as games go, but it does have its moments. There are some ups and some downs, it just has the odd bit that you might want to speed through in the middle. I would still appreciate some tips from anyone willing to give them.
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#2snafu  Jun 9 2010, 15:36 PM -
Replays: 2 Game:
I would still appreciate some tips from anyone willing to give them.

I would love to, but I don't know which player you are ^^
#3Yleron  Jun 9 2010, 18:54 PM -
Replays: 2 Game:
Ah, sorry. I'm Korlus. When I registered this account, I thought that my GPG.net account was Yleron and not Korlus...
#4snafu  Jun 10 2010, 15:51 PM -
Replays: 2 Game:
- consider a different, more energy-heavy BO, so you dont waste a drop of this mid mass (didnt see, if you shared)
+ 6:30 nearly succeeded in destroying Sefas suicidal ACU
- 7:00 4 captured mass points not yet built on. consider more reclaimers for these forrests.
o 11:00 T1 units will only get you so far - now they are mostly cannon fodder to support t2/3. either dig in or build higher Tech to crush Sefas defenses
o 14:30 150 t1 units + 25 scouts. maybe reclaim those t1 factorys and pump out t3.
- 17:30 attempt to raid yellow with 150 tanks was averted by 3 destroyers and a few t2 gunships.
+ 18:00 dug in, t1 paused, ecoing
o 22:00 t3 bombardement, 8 t2 shields holding
+ 23:30 nice raid from green with your t1 assisting
- 24:00 red dies, destroyers rape the remaining base. no air supiority
- 24:20 green only survives this snipe due to drunk-sinntha-bug.
+ 25:00 GC construction begins
- wait what? 2 GC at once?
- game looks dire, north territory lost, air supriority lost, green only survived through luck. you would be valnurable to airstrike too: shield your ACU
o 26:30 your foreward base dies. not much you can do but finish that GC. 1 at a time!
+ 28:00 V_I_Ps GC stops destroyer raid, you finish yours.
- 31:00 scout his base before attack. maybe finish 2nd GC (90%) before sending 1st one in
- 31:15 WTF? he moves his ML out of shielded cover, you focus t3, turn tail and die. GC cant fire behind - at least take his ML down with you.
+ 32:00 2nd GC

onward: enemy does not counter your GC with own t4, loses air control and your GC walz through. mop-up. Greens SML would be pretty devastating too, but was too late and unnecessary.

conclusion: nice game, not too speacial. try to spend your mass (you wasted about 9% of your total game income, nearly 28k mass). For me Air control decided this game in the end - besided from lucky green, who should have died in this snipe in 25th min.
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#5Yleron  Jun 10 2010, 17:04 PM -
Replays: 2 Game:
Thanks. I spotted most of these, I'm going to go through most of the negative points in order:

It was my first time playing Seton's, and while I knew to go for the mass, I didn't think about needing energy to use it all until too late.

At about 11-12 minutes, I started to realise that I should probably stop T1, so started to upgrade factories to T2 (as I've found Aeon T2 tanks can compete with lighter T3 units, especially if under shields. Maybe I'm wrong here?). I didn't do it fast enough though.

I've found the scout's mobile radar to be very useful when relying on an ally's radar, as an Aurora's range is further than it can see. Is this usually a bad tactic? Or was the scouts thing just an idle comment?

The main reason I diverted raiding yellow was on the behest of two of my teammates.

Do you think I should've tried to help with air superiority in this game?

What's the sinntha bug?

I began the second GC at the base to fend off the destroyers that were attacking, and for a while, had the mass to continue both. That probably means I needed more engineers, but as it was, I didn't see a point to stopping the one at the bottom just to save mass until I ran out? Maybe I was wrong?

Main reason I lost the forward base was because I lost power, making the silly mistake of upgrading to the second shield for the commander. That was silly and completely my fault.

I should've both scouted and waited for the second GC, but as it was, I don't believe we had access to air scouts, as after asking for them three times, I couldn't get one from an ally to do a flyby, and didn't feel it necessary to make my own air factory. Would a minor focus on air normally be a good build for frontman in Seton's?

I focused on Loyalists because if the GC picks one up with his claws, he'll freeze and an ML will completely destroy him. The turning around with the GC was an accident, I misclicked (I think) as I zoomed out or something, because that wasn't supposed to happen.

Many thanks for the comments by the way, they are greatly appreciated. In general, was there any part of my "strategy" lacking, other than the slow move up to T2/3, and the lack of trying to break through his shields?

(Also, the useless attack destroyed by his walls was a silly mistake on my part).
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#6snafu  Jun 11 2010, 09:32 AM -
Replays: 2 Game:
Keep in mind: these are just suggestions, no need to explain yourself. Please do not see the "-" as negatives, but as improvable. (you clearly stated "Newbie" in title)

you are right, lower tech units can compete very well against t3, especially if shielded. but you got 150 of em, thats too many just for defense and not suitable for offense on a turtled position. you did the right thing to give most of them to green, who used them to raid yellow successfully the 2nd time.

25 scouts are simply too many. they die 1-shot and give experience. 1 t2 radar would have done the trick too.

No, air supiority is not your job. yours is to get the mass (which you did) hold the mid (success), and maybe get a t4 out sometime (again: gj).

sinntha: watch those t3 bombers heading for greens ACU: they ALL droped their load too early, barely scratching him. if they had hit, green would have been dead, especially at the 2nd bombing run.

GC: you got lucky in this situation: the destroyers or air could have killed your southern GC before finishing. Imo it is always better to assisst 1 t4 instead of building 2. (think about it: if you build 2 GC in 4 min, you can build 1 in 2min, which can defend or begin attack and still got 2 GC at 4min)

powerloss only fastened the loss of your foreward base. it was lost.
Again, air isnt the middle mans job on setons.

No, for 1st time on setons you performed really well. Setons is always teamplay, which was kinda missing here. BUT your team turned the game, which looked pretty dire at minute 27.
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