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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Remmy plays well on Setons

#1Ta4Life  Feb 26 2011, 21:10 PM -
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Great middle play from both players
#2Sokak  Jul 29 2011, 13:59 PM -
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Quite fun to watch. Remmy did his job in the centre then got a wee bit overcommitted but did the right thing and donated before he was taken out. Kookos did well to hold and press with Remms forces. The teamwork from the 3 remaining players was excellent, though I suspect it could have been won much sooner with their air sup. I kept waiting for Kookos to switch to strats, between him and Sulivan they'd crippled defre's earlier air advantage. Gollum was a bit hard-up fighting naval without air sup. Switching to subhunters to take on Cybran destroyers was probably not a great move. Their anti-torp is pretty effective. T2 ground pumping mobile shields to cover destroyers could work while prepping cruisers or AA on water behind to force back aircraft.

Other notables: Combined naval build of Cybran and UEF ships was beautifully done by Sullivan. Cybran destroyers and cruisers covered by UEF shields was pivotal in gaining control of the middle and eliminating enemy beach. Then switching to UEF cruisers to use the cruise missiles to chase them inland, candy.

Killer's gambit with the full commitment of Mountain's navy and much of Defres air to take out Gollum and probably quickly claim his base as a beachfront... Big risk, but may have worked if Gollum's team-mates weren't so well organized. Very nice footwork by Gollum on the retreat! smile.gif Gunships from both allies were quick to respond.

Probably the only notable was Kookos choice to use Sera Exp + shields was excellent but nearly failed due to energy crash. At least one of Gollum's T3 PGen survived the take-over attempt and if donated to Kookos would have kept those 4 shields powered up during/after the spider encounter. The Exp survived (barely) but it just goes to show how absolutely useless Cybran T2 PDs are against much more than T1 bots. (A shame the other team didn't share engies.) If those were UEF T2 or Ravagers then such a push would have ended, though the overall outcome wouldn't have changed.

In any case, a good match to watch and worth a wub.

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