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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Epic 2vs2vs2 TDH

#11snafu  Feb 16 2008, 15:37 PM -
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Why should I do a stupid suicide ACU kill attack in a 2v2v2 to lose vs the other team, if theres no need to kill one?

this was exactly the attitute i was refering to. it stalled a game which should hae been over much, much earlier, because every team seems to think in that direction. the seraphims just tried to break this turtlefest, unfortionatly they left shortly after.

Also wasn't sure that it works.
1:10 was the time we won anyway afaik.

even with some of the restorers gone, it would have worked easily wink.gif and even kept you a force big enough to defend your newly aquired island
the example with 1:10 was only the most obvious (acu completely defensless...no risk at all), but by far not the only example.
#12Testingfreak  Feb 18 2008, 13:11 PM -
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Oh, you mean I could have killed Guardoflight?
Why should I? He was alone, dead anyway and attacked the other team. Killing him and lose 50% of my gunships HP would have been just stupid.
It also only was possible cause he wasted all his ASFs to the other team, what wasn't visible for me.. I got no observer powers in game...
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