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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

csoller and Araton vs Maverick and Grozoth

#1_LordVader  Nov 30 2009, 15:31 PM -
Replays: 11
This replay shows a very aggressive T2 Gunship and T1 bomber rush on Roanoke!
#2Araton  Nov 30 2009, 15:52 PM -
Replays: 15 Game:
This one is a true masterpiece i tell you. They had no energie at all.

Enjoy it while you can people smile.gif
#3Araton  Nov 30 2009, 15:54 PM -
Replays: 15 Game:
A wonderful strategy ,even top players fall for it. Though some additional micro management on those engineers would`ve been useful and a better economical management.
#4Araton  Nov 30 2009, 15:56 PM -
Next time you should not let your opponent take the air superiority. It can really backfire on this map.
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#5Lu_Xun_78  Dec 2 2009, 19:06 PM -
Replays: 7 Game:
it is just a 2vs2 short roanoke game smile.gif

but funny T1 bomber spam biggrin.gif

(lol is maverick supposed to be the "top player" you're talking about?!! )
#6Araton  Dec 3 2009, 12:21 PM -
Replays: 15 Game:
rofl ,well hes #65 or so ,but i managed to apply the same thing on people in the top 20
#7snafu  Dec 5 2009, 19:03 PM -
Replays: 2 Game:
wow, what a praise from THE PLAYERS OF THIS REPLAY!
their wub really make this a popular "members" replay
avarage game. that t2 gunship was only successful, because green stoped building after 5 interceptors. deadly in a water map like this

The wub-worthy strength of your opponents really gets clear, when green tries to build a dozen pgens against your gunship, while dying.
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