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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Demo Setons- adapt to your opponent

#1|^|AP|^|AN  Jan 23 2011, 22:26 PM -
Replays: 48 Game:
This is one of those rare replays that doesn't desync. Uke complained that I didn't have ASF at 8.5 minutes. My eco was terrible and when I look at points and scouted I saw that Kboomer was teching his eco. This caused me to shift to tech my eco after I fielded the earliest ASFs in the game and then controlled air for 20 min. I used my first restorer to kill 5 t2 mass of center player and force Kaboomer into an air battle vs ASF and 1 restorer which he lost. Later a t3 torp bomber finished off a ythotha that would have come ashore with the chance of vet up. Kaboomer should have sacrificed some ASFs to kill that Torp bomber. Finally Uke's navy was sacrificed to torp bombers from 2 players while I chose to assist a commander kill and then our Ythotha up the mid. I made these choices because Uke had damaged his side, and the mid player, so much, and did not have much of an eco. I felt these other players that I assisted had more potential to do damage deep behind enemy lines.
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