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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

TAG vs VoW, Clanleague Lategame 2v2

#11Poita_  Jun 8 2008, 05:23 AM -
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Haha, awesome game. Didn't expect the teleport kill. Would've been hilarious if he managed to teleport again and win biggrin.gif
#12SyDaemon  Jun 9 2008, 07:30 AM -
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Duris might have managed to survive if he had targeted FP the moment he teleport there. I was totally cheering him on at that point.
#13Necrosjef  Jun 9 2008, 23:03 PM -
Replays: 8 Game:
I enjoyed this game.

Not as technically superb as some games but it had its good bits. Restorer spam becomes a bit tedious though. Zulan did nothing other than spam restorers from the word go, this was predictable. FP and Duris has a pretty good war, that tactical missle attack really did the trick. Nuke did its job aswell, not sure what was going on with that base swap from Duris tho.

IlluminateOne played pretty badly I thought, smaller eco than everyone else and seemed to be going for a combination of ASFs and restorers instead of just doing the smart thing and abusing restorers like everyone else does.

Not really sure what else TAG could have done in this game, was pretty one sided from where I sat VoW did all the attacking, if Duris has waited at the end for that GC to arrive at Zulan he may have been able to sneak it but it would have been a steal.
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