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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

2on2 tournament vs Rock/Mephi

#1MelkorISU  Apr 5 2008, 20:48 PM -
Replays: 6
#2Necrosjef  Apr 6 2008, 00:59 AM -
Replays: 8 Game:
Nice technical game but also pretty one sided.

Doesn't take long for Bhaal and Melkor to dominate on both their respective 1v1s. Meph is made to look very ordinary from the word go, rock starts well but Melkors TML pwns his eco.

Meph dies soon after that from combination of beating from land and air units, rock has a brief boost due to duel eco but melkor and bhaal regroup and slowly but surely own him.

Rock has some t3 towards the end but those loyalists maybe could have been bricks in that bottle neck but against harbs behind dual shields it proberly wouldn't have made a big diff either way.

That TML really fucked TAG though cool to see how much of an impact 1 small building has on the course of a game.
#3Testingfreak  Apr 6 2008, 03:12 AM -
Replays: 17
Meph needs to learn how to dance biggrin.gif
#4Meph  Apr 6 2008, 11:39 AM -
Replays: 34 Game:
played at least its possibilities
#5Supertribe  Apr 6 2008, 23:14 PM -
Replays: 33 Game:
Yeah it was pretty one-sided. I don't think Rock/Meph ever got anywhere. Did Rock dc at the end?
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