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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Rock vs Melkor

#11L3gendary  Apr 22 2008, 04:19 AM -
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I'm fairly new to this game and...wow! That was simply amazing. thumb.gif Melkor should have gone into Rock's base eons before he did, but he couldnt have known what was coming i guess. I almost missed the big moment myself. The earlier part of the game was only so-so, still very entertaining overall. I would say gold not silver.
#12Gnats3  Apr 22 2008, 19:53 PM -
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No, no offense to the players but it definitely wasn't gold. Silver yes, but not gold.
#13Tape_Lord  May 7 2008, 23:36 PM -
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Melkor, I feel for you. The same thing happened in a game I was playing. A Fatty right at his door step, he T3 bombed me right before the Fatboy got in.
#14SyDaemon  May 13 2008, 14:52 PM -
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I gasped when I saw the bombers flying with three ASFs as spotters. You just gotta cheer the underdog! When I saw them only just managed to chew through the shields, I thought: "nice try...but not enough bombers".

Then the bombers came in for a second pass and chewed through the commander's shields I thought: "they can't possibly survive to make a third pass".

And a third pass they did, my heart was pounding all the way during that last ditch strat bomb snipe. I must say that the commander stealth upgrade was well worth it. Also, I think TAG_ROCK gambled that Melkor must have amassed all his air power in the front and went through the back for that strat snipe and it paid off.

Excellent stuff anyway, WUBBED!
#15BotBot  May 22 2008, 16:58 PM -
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All I want to know is why the hell Melkor didn't just walk those two GCs into Rock's base, there was nothing to stop them, but he decided to just crawl them with shields.... He deserved the loss for that.
#16justino1799  Aug 6 2008, 02:02 AM -
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I cant view any of the replays

when i click download it downloads it then launches forged alliance and nothing happens. When i look under replays it shows last game and nothing else. Anyone know what is wrong?
#17Dreaderick  Dec 15 2008, 04:28 AM -
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lol was a good match Rock pulled that one out at the last very second.... im a nub but learned some stuff glad i watched it
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