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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Cheating accusation : Ghosting Elpierco /AflacBP

#1|^|AP|^|AN  Jan 12 2009, 05:29 AM -
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This is the most compelling replay for cheating I have seen. I was asked to review this replay because of the attack on Glavius, but later in the game, around 20 minutes, when no T3 scouts have been over either lake, someone beacons on my commander's head before a t3 scout and a bunch of torp bombers that have been made to prep for this, lock onto my commander.

My theory is Aflac, who is dead, tells Elpierco by VOIP, I am in the water and he makes the torps. When the torps are ready, Elpierco confirms my commander's location by a beacon on his head and then sends his scout there. This is very strange because there has been no process of elimination to suggest that my commander would be in that location. That location is a very odd place for the back player to move his commander.

Motive - Griefer and Aflac are both in the same clan and both hate me. I posted a replay of Griefer trying to team kill me. Griefer's replay
Maybe Aflac is mad about me posting this.

My attack on their mass was incredible. We still won. Elpierco transports his commander to our side w/o scouting ahead and dies easily. Zoo, who I don't think had any part in the attack on my commander, quits after this. Aflac was the host of this game.
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