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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Delaying Navy is almost as good as Preventing

#1|^|AP|^|AN  Jun 21 2009, 21:54 PM -
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In this game early scouting pays off in my ability to delay a Navy rush. I can continue this as long as my air support is successful.

This replay desyncs once but it you hit Okay it will continue as the game actually played out.

You will see I sacrifice my economy so that I can avoid making navy and that expense. I make sure that TX-1000 has a constantly shrinking economy as I attack his weaker positions with drops. Sometimes my drops are lucky enough to come across a T2 factory that has just been completed.

The interesting thing about this is that TX knows what I am going to do and I explained to him that T2 amphib tanks my be the best way to defend his shipyards.

All of this expense means he produces less navy and air and is really not a factor in the game. Because I fail to kill his second navy I am forced to focus on him and not free to help my partners much. I prefer to eliminate the navy completely so I can attack other bases or commanders.

His late navy is killed by fighter bombers in mass after I have an economy to support that.

Here is another replay demonstration of preventing Navy
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