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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

dragonforce resorts to regen

#1REmerson  Mar 18 2009, 19:39 PM -
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regen is ftw, it seems.
#2TAG_ROCK  Mar 18 2009, 22:34 PM -
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Yes and although slightly OP as many other aspects of the game, its legit and can be used in ranked games. As is the attack move from factory exploit.
#3Aizura  Mar 20 2009, 06:02 AM -
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doesnt change the fact its lame and pathetic rock. top players shouldnt be using this. oh wait pebble isnt a top player it seems...nvm then
#4randomlegend  Mar 20 2009, 10:40 AM -
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If you want to kill this game once and for all then keep using imba tactics and bugs and keep kicking it while its down. Otherwise use a bit of sense and look at the bigger picture not just "WTFPWNZORZ look at Ma rat1ngzzzz!" and keep this game fun. Btw, I think you guys would be bitching to hell were this to have happened against a bunch of you (by you I mean TAG, especially Rock and Pebble). Sort it out.

Also Rock, TAC has said that bug is banned. I know you want it in big pink letters on gpg front page but its not gonna happen.
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#5TAG_ROCK  Mar 20 2009, 20:35 PM -
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Yes my son is a top player, he doesnt need regen to beat anyone in this game. He just played seraphim a few games, and although it is OP you should not blame his anger towards people using it against him in ranked. He's paying it back and I dont mind him doing so. My son has demonstrated that he can reach top ten playing every race, so dont go overboard saying "WTFPWNZORZ look at Ma rat1ngzzzz!", implying that he needs sera regen to do so.

Contrary of what you say, TAC says that this bug will not get you banned and that anyone can use it as they wish. How can they ban someone if say for example a person just buying the game can use which will get him banned and he has no clue why??? If they wish to ban this they should make it in the form of a post in GPGnet forums AND a link on the main screen of the actual game.
#6randomlegend  Mar 20 2009, 22:46 PM -
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Omfg Rock, you are so incapable at looking at things in the shades of grey which are clearly present and can only construct an argument by breaking everything up into little black and white issues which just isn't how things exist. Its blatantly obvious nobody is suggesting a newbie gets banned for using the engy reclaim bug straight up with no warning and by suggesting that you are just being pedantic and displaying what I described above. You, and your son, however are not people just picking up the game. You know full well that that is a bug and gives an unfair advantage in certain situations (such as if the other player doesn't know about it but there are many others, use your imagination) and yet you continue to use/abuse it. You aren't ignorant of its impact like a new player would be. And yes, TAC did say to me directly in a pm that that bug is banned. Whether he has changed his mind now big bad Rock is on his case is another matter, I don't spose he would want to upset TAG.
Also, if regen is only slightly OP then your son should have had no problem beating all those people he is so much better than in ranked games. Then he wouldn't need to be raging. This quite clearly renders either your support of your son or your claim that regen is only slightly OP completely hypocritical and ridiculous.
This game will die through actions like these. Think long and hard before you kill it.
#7TAG_ROCK  Mar 20 2009, 23:10 PM -
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We aint killing it we just having fun playing it whilst you all go paranoid. The guys in charge should fix it. Man i am thinking of changing to sera now smile.gif REGEN FTW !!!
#8randomlegend  Mar 20 2009, 23:25 PM -
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The guys at the top can't/won't fix it. Therefore by abusing stuff you are only damaging the game. You are having fun but making it very un-fun for everyone else. Have fun in 6 months playing your son at regen wars on winter duel over and over and over and over cos nobody else thinks thats fun.
#9TAG_ROCK  Mar 21 2009, 00:09 AM -
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Nah I am a hardcore cybran player and my son is playing UEF now
#10TAG_PEBBLE_  Mar 21 2009, 09:41 AM -
Replays: 3
RandomLengend what sort of damage would i do to the game if i use it ? if i use it nothing will happen i mean the game is already fuck**, and they wont fix it bcz THQ wont waist more money on this game bcz hardly no1 plays compared to other games, i have had people using REgen on me, i dont care if they use it on me and why the hec is my father included on this if he has nothing to do with it, i was thinking about using it when i started using sera, so keep my father out of this and the wohle of TAg and all of u go for me, as i dont care what other people thinik, its the game. Without using REgen i can go 1st spot, lie i did couple of months ago. adios thumb.gif
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