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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Natas/Brainsteel vs Rock/Meph White Fire Intense

#1Brainsteel_Inc  Apr 2 2008, 17:46 PM -
Replays: 12 Game:
Cool game. Pretty unexpected things happened.
#2LawnMower_   Apr 2 2008, 20:01 PM -
Replays: 11 Game:
#3djj07  Apr 2 2008, 21:58 PM -
Replays: 16 Game:
Wow. Constant back and forth action. Very entertaining!

And it's the first time I see the Cybran teleport being used in a top player game.
#4BlackFish  Apr 3 2008, 04:45 AM -
Replays: 4 Game:
wow that was good entertainment. hilarious end.
#5Gekko09  Apr 3 2008, 14:16 PM -
Replays: 3 Game:
hehe nice game, very nice battles.

you could have done mor with that teleport if you scouted his commander though wink.gif
#6Srlok  Apr 4 2008, 15:10 PM -
Replays: 4 Game:
Yeah, good game to watch... I loved those naval fights a lot.

gets my wub.
#7Necrosjef  Apr 4 2008, 21:09 PM -
Replays: 8 Game:
Nice game I enjoyed it.

Meph didn't play his best which was a shame his eco sucked.

Rock could have still won it though had he not been nuked but GC spam always wins vs ML spam.

Didn't really see much offensive air early on though, corsairs own whitefire if you play it right and due to cybran comm torpedo launcher thats just another reason to avoid making navy.
#8Lord Raven  Apr 5 2008, 08:03 AM -
Replays: 0 Game:
Very entertaining game with all tech levels. The naval battles are very interesting, especially the use of counter intelligence by Meph and the result dominant position.

I wonder why Natas didn't counter with incoming ML by building his own; spamming aircraft was kind of pointless.

Mephs didn't play at his best - he bets everything on one card (naval spam) and when that was taken away he had nothing. Also his eco was really bad.
#9Necrosjef  Apr 6 2008, 01:04 AM -
Replays: 8 Game:
Those counter intelligence bots really give a massive advantage to cybran navy if you combine them with cruiser spam. Meph didnt have the volume of boats to make the "critical mass" though.

After you get 10+ cruisers and 2-3 of those intelligence bots with em they become really really hard to stop, all your air scouting and boats are owned by the cruisers before u get a visual. Meph never had enough tho and the boats go within visual before they died to the cruisers.

Ive had that done to me by loui though and I tell you that trick owns if u do it correctly right enuff those were 1v1s not 2v2.
#10Meph  Apr 6 2008, 11:36 AM -
Replays: 34 Game:
I built a fleet, I seized the rule, but was unable to keep it as 2v1 fought, it was necessary to provide support to me and we would hype
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