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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Probably the most hilarious win ever. 2v2v2

#21SniperZA  Apr 15 2008, 01:20 AM -
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Wow, one of my replays on gamereplays.org... I'm flattered (I think). If I never see another Tempest again it will be too soon. I realized after the game Bombers would have been good. I didn't know how it ended though... I just assumed the guy with all the monkeylords won. GGs.
#22macdeffy  Apr 15 2008, 01:22 AM -
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T'was a fun game. Never feel sorry for the guy whose teammate got burned. I honestly didn't expect you to get back into it so quick. Now, I know....good job.

and yeah Tempest, wtf, never had to deal with those before. This map still eludes me......Not much of a naval player/tech up player, so this was definitely a change from T1 SPAM, etc. You guys did a really good job of wearing us down with those tempest even after we took out your base.

2v2v2's always seem to make for fun games, but yeah too many mistakes.
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#23Coldplay-  Apr 17 2008, 18:38 PM -
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#24Gnats3  Apr 17 2008, 22:37 PM -
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Congrats on RotW smile.gif
#25scooby-doo  Apr 20 2008, 00:54 AM -
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Amazing ending, u got uber lucky. gg, woulf of liked to see more use of air though. gj

what an amazing ending
#26T2A`  Apr 21 2008, 06:45 AM -
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Man, this makes for two replays today with which I missed what made the final strike. D:

I mean, I saw the main thing (won't mention it) that almost killed the final ACU but since the game was running at +6 or +7 I didn't even get to notice what took his final couple thousand hitpoints down. sad.gif
#27Big_Jible  Apr 29 2008, 15:57 PM -
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Great ending, but 1hr 25min is a bit long. WUBBED
#28Gormaol  Jul 21 2008, 12:16 PM -
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Wow, that was by far the worst teching and eco management I've ever seen, and what was up with the shitty tier 1-2 Cybran shields everywhere? I'm guessing there must have been alot of delay.

Well, at least the initial suicide and the end made up for the tedium of the rest of the game. Hahahaha, yellow must be the biggest dumbass in the world; you have a spot with five shields and ~6 SAMs covering it you moron!
#29forinec  Jul 31 2008, 11:55 AM -
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In the middle of the game progress , I've got a little boring. But till the end ,I were really shocked with killerwolf's rush, wubbed!!
#30NyteRazor  Aug 27 2008, 00:20 AM -
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Really lucky. LoL! No way that trick would have worked if at the end the opposite side was defeated. (don't want to give ending away). What a humiliating defeat. Whoopsie!
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