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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

You have to make a lot of mistakes to let us win.

#1|^|AP|^|AN  Jan 23 2009, 14:48 PM -
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This is an incredible win because we had every disadvantage and they manage to give the game away. First the enemy mid player, Red, played well but is let down by his teams' massive air sup parked in their base! Note Red's Torp upgrade on his cmdr when he chases the White cmdr in water and the torp bombers reveal the t2 sub hunters and his launcher starts to target them. I take most of his health with a few T3 bombers and a cruiser finishes him off with a lucky shot. I am sure this is a lucky shot because yellow doesn't seem to get any of the beaconing to put subs on that Red cmdr.

Yellow my teammate is constantly asking for a aeon eng and every time he does, I beacon that he wont get one until he makes ASFs. This is funny because he probably thinks the beacons are from my partner. You can see them if you watch the game from my point of view. Considering I am the only one making ASF, I give up and make a battleship nuke. A absurd thing to do with my pitiful economy. Note that none of the enemy has scouted after 26 minutes! Finally they scout with sensors and still don't send one plane!

20:29 Watch yellow lose his cruisers to Loyalists because they are too close to shore. He does this a couple of times.

23:20 Ultra wastes lots of Loyalists units in mid by not getting under the seriphim t3 shield. He has tons of air circling behind those units but doesn't bother to scout for line of sight.

GEK give his base and quits. He was one source of the lag.

Duke makes a Novax and eye before they finally attack at 34 minutes!

Note my beacon on Aflac when I predict he will teleport.

Finally Aflac makes a Ythotha in our back lake and it is joined by a GC. You would think this is enough combined with the Novax and the Eye that are nuked in short order. Both Exp die to gunships but the gunships go off task as I return to my base only to find a Ythotha still alive and the gunships on the ground. I almost get away a second time but I die as the enemy cmdrs die.
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