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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

fun issis rush

#1Meph  Oct 24 2008, 20:06 PM -
Replays: 34 Game:
enjoy and rewiew this someone please
#2Irakly  Oct 28 2008, 02:19 AM -
Replays: 1 Game:
Excellent educative game for noobs. It shows both how to develop economy quickly and how to attack and kill opponent fast. Wubbed.
#3SyDaemon  Nov 1 2008, 11:20 AM -
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Wow, the pgen + power storage grid is certainly I don't see very often. Interesting way to go.

Great air diversion tactic!
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#4snafu  Nov 30 2008, 23:32 PM -
Replays: 2 Game:
Wow, the pgen + power storage grid is certainly I don't see very often. Interesting way to go.

Interesting, but inefficient imo. For 120m+2400e he gets +8e from the storages. For that mass you can build 1.6 pgen, which will give you +32e. Plus storages are volatile, spreading the chain-reaction in an attack.

It costs x1.6e and x3.2m, and is volatile. the only pro is, that you can store more energy.

2topic: 45vs 75 idle engies, lots of unused mass in front of base. lack of scouting causes surprising tml-attack. mephy stop t1-feed a bit late wink.gif
nice snipe finish.
#5Gandalf_Greyhame  Dec 25 2008, 21:18 PM -
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Hey, happy christmas smile.gif

I enjoyed the rep, so thx for that though it was a bit one sided...

Mephy: gg, but u had him much erlier, why not finish him off?

Illum: - To few t1 units, early (maybe too early) teching (land t2)
- Some very good herassment attacks with t2 and later t3 units,
but u didnt take out something important... first u destroyed
the shields but instead taking down the defense structure or
t2 power, u walked here and there and then retreat the last
remaining 3-4 units far too late... either try to destroy
important targets or retreat immediately if there is strong
def smile.gif
- Suicide run with t2 + t3 against 4 fortified t1 PD ohmy.gif
- Lack of energy all along he way... bulding t3 air without
descent t2 power supply is very ineffecient... even when u
spotted the t2 fighter bombers from him approaching ur base u
didnt focus on t2 AA, setting up AA perimeter defense and
energy/shields... but admitted, due to sheer numbers that
would probably not have saved u from certain death from
above smile.gif

Nonetheless, thx for posting the rep, i enjoyed it... thumb.gif


#6_BlueShark_  Aug 8 2009, 17:33 PM -
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Yeah !!! Very Good replay !
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