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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

First lose in ranked

#1Sir_Loui  Jan 7 2008, 22:10 PM -
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On Funkoffs request i now post my first ranked lose here. I was underestimating my opponent who i after the game realise has blasted rock thumbed up... and for a good reason. I didnt realise that simplegreen went for the tactic he went, I thought i easily had the game...and the rest is history^^ i know what i did wrong but ofc its nice if u review it Funkoff.
#2FunkOff  Jan 7 2008, 22:11 PM -
Replays: 21 Game:
#3Sir_Loui  Jan 8 2008, 13:21 PM -
Replays: 16 Game:
yeah what can i say? i played pretty crappy... sometimes i do that too =) but fortunely it dosnt happen that often. Underestimate the opponent sad.gif i shouldnt do that again

and btw funkoff. You didnt seem to talk much about how i fed his commander. I didnt realise he had gone for the light gun upgrade which is kinda meeeeh tongue.gif
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#4FunkOff  Jan 8 2008, 13:47 PM -
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That was part of the poor troop control, Loui. If you just got your tanks organized a little sooner, you could have routed him directly... he really didn't have too much on the map.
#5Sir_Loui  Jan 8 2008, 17:29 PM -
Replays: 16 Game:
poor troop control yeah kindah but i think it all was a reason for that i didnt get he upgraded comm and threw units at him.
#6TNT  Jan 8 2008, 17:33 PM -
Replays: 0 Game:
wow. that comm upgrade was random, but totally won him the game. 0wn3d.gif
#7FunkOff  Jan 8 2008, 22:43 PM -
Replays: 21 Game:
totally random?

Did you even read my review or watch the game? It was his intent from the very beginning to get that upgrade: This was not random, this was pre-meditated and pre-planned. I know because his entire BO was built around having sufficient E and M for it, AND he tried at 5:25 to get the light gun upgrade, canceled because it was too dangerous, then tried it again when it was safer.

Don't be brainless, TNT.
#8Trozz  Jan 9 2008, 02:37 AM -
Replays: 4 Game:
The resource float was pretty bleh but green had a nice strategy. Kudos.
#9Meph  Jan 9 2008, 22:58 PM -
Replays: 34 Game:
first official lose in ranked smile.gif
#10Protoform-X  Jan 10 2008, 10:35 AM -
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Damn - Nice game, guys. 5 vet ACU is a monster.
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