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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Best 2v2v2 ever? :D

#21Jean=A=Luc  Jan 28 2008, 01:33 AM -
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Well done. smile.gif Did anyone take note of the fact that the last 3 surviving players were all Aeon? Imbaaahhh!1eleven tongue.gif


-31:00 Turtle turtle turle turtle... MUSHROOM MUSHROOM!!!!


ps: that was some hot t3 torp. bomber action, poor ACUs have nowhere to run in FA.

pps: those UEF t2 shield boats have insane aoe. I wish land based mobile shield gens had bigger domes too. Not as big as the boats though.
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#22OptiCal  Jan 30 2008, 16:57 PM -
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Supreme Replay!
Fantasic! loved it! post more plx! biggrin.gif
#23Zakke  Feb 3 2008, 00:30 AM -
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TBO and TLO really made this game more than worth watching, I love their ingenuity!
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