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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Pros Dropping Cmdrs in Setons

#1|^|AP|^|AN  Aug 19 2011, 05:53 AM -
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This is a good place to see timing and Eco build orders for special tactics.

This is a nice short 22 min. game

Slowturn's drop lifts off at 9:40. Notice how he uses his air to kill the fighters nearest his path to drop. Notice also that he was lucky as V predicted this drop and almost killed him before he unloaded.

My arty drop at 10 min is saved by a fighter bomber I sent north to a mass point. I have my fighter drop his next bomb far enough away so that it wont have to turn and may be harder to track w/o radar. In this case it was a distraction for ASFs that would have killed my drop transport. I don't know if Lappen planned to use my drop as a distraction but his Cmdr drop was timed perfectly to coincide with mine, so it worked. He sent all his air and a transport to provide an additional distraction for my drop.

When Lappen enters the water he gets a basic stealth upgrade then starts the MonkeyLord, so I think timing his drop must have been more important than stealth or he would have done it in his base. Beware that many players rush a T3 sonar that would have detected the drop. In this case sonar was only T1. He sends 2 fighter bombers that could have killed a t3 sonar that threatens detection but they were used to bomb mass points, another distraction.

I foolishly run away with my air toward his transport which was a big mistake but enemy ASFs didn't follow far enough to shoot the T2 transport down and provide a clue to Lappen's plan.

13:30 the ML is complete and lappen moves back to our side to start a second ML to extricate Slowturn who has almost completed a ML of his own. Because of the drops on mid and the limited mass the mid player collected from the middle, he is no longer a threat to PG war and he can turn the full power of his middle units on Slowturn.

Don't watch red or me if you are trying to learn build orders. My use of fighter bombers and T2 transport may be interesting to you.

#2|^|AP|^|AN  Aug 19 2011, 06:11 AM -
Keeping the enemy distracted with constant contact or radar noise can make risky tactics much more likely to succeed.
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