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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

LawnMower vs Slim_Shady (Govt Cheese)

#11Necrosjef  May 14 2008, 13:43 PM -
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iFail, BigBlackMan, GovtCheese and Slim_Shady... at least

BBM is DudeFromTheHood is that cheese too then?

Odds is also iFail.
#12SyDaemon  May 15 2008, 13:48 PM -
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The Megalith was almost taken down by tactical missiles and I was screaming into the screen for LM to move the Megalith forward. Just a little later and the Megalith would have been taken out and without its support, the Monkeylords stand a much higher chance of losing to that many percivals.

Really entertaining game!
#13MonarchDodra  May 18 2008, 18:52 PM -
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I created an account for the sole purpose of saying this:

Why didn't LM upgrade his radar to T2? WHY? I was tearing my hair out here. 0wn3d.gif
He spent an entire game struggling against a defensive fire base and units right outside his line of sight, and built scouts upon scouts upon scouts, when the simple solution was to upgrade a simple radar that was standing there the whole time. frusty.gif

Am I missing something here?

But I digress, and it was an otherwise good game. The drops where great, but Slim might have well just built a few restorers instead, and gotten the same result. There was 0 air defense over LM's base.
#14LawnMower_   May 19 2008, 14:50 PM -
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I forgot to upgrade my radar to T2 but honestly that didn't hurt me too much.

Scout spam wasn't for scouting purpose, it was for defensive use. Sounds silly? It's actually very good.

1) If you face high damage/slow fire rate units say percivals you will save your more valuable units when they target the scout and then practically this will lower it's effective dps

2) It also accounts as a diversion, you gotta get a bit scared if you see a big blob of units moving towards you. Also this can hide your real numbers.

Air defense over my base sucked I know... but he couldn't have built restorers since they're Aeon only. Also strategic bombers would've been better.
#15MonarchDodra  May 20 2008, 05:25 AM -
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Yeah, I had understood the scout spam to hinder the Percys/Ravagers. And the way it also bothers the opponent, when he doesn't know if they are bricks or not... I've even seen some other players use it to actually push back an opposing force! eyebrow.gif (Well, you succeeded that too. I'm pretty sure there was a point, when you were retreating both you battered and wounded MLs, that if Cheese had given chase, he would have pummeled your army (IMO). He didn't though, probably because he didn't know what you had).
As I said before, you played a great game, but I still think that that T2 Radar would have done you a world of good, even if you managed well without.
Sorry 'bout the restorer comment, that was my bad. Wailers. Doesn't really matter anyways.
#16dj_relentless  Feb 26 2009, 07:52 AM -
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Mine desync'd after about 25mins and I ended up watching a completely different game post-13661-1143531603.gif Did gc really not build an antinuke?
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