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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Probably the most hilarious win ever. 2v2v2

#31Kibatsu  Dec 22 2008, 12:19 PM -
lol, nice ending. Luck's a whore. thumb.gif
#32andtsk  Feb 9 2009, 06:32 AM -
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Nice game ! But one moment ... in the end of the game while KillerWolf atacking the Brainsteel_inc\Aizen's isle, Aizen's megalith and spider constantly missing to enemy megalith...mb it's issue in game engine?
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#33Fundamental  Apr 12 2009, 15:10 PM -
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I must admit that I didn't play too well, either, lol Brainsteel, sorry for suiciding in your base you were the main treat and I figured I just wreak brainless havoc lol you still won epic game.

#34Xagar  Apr 16 2009, 21:02 PM -
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Terribly played, really. But the end had me going "no way" for like 3 minutes straight.
#35Alexus  Mar 29 2011, 21:56 PM -
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Amazing, No tactics, but amazing and Epic. Thx a lot for replay.
#36Steinerrr  Jul 11 2011, 02:38 AM -
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The east made a horrid mistake with their nuke and paid for it, especially considering they did a flyover all over the base of west and no AMD was present anywhere.

South was very sloppy with management of the tempests late game and basically wasted them, and handling of CZAR was no better, allowing torpedo bombers to be harassed by t3 fighters.

Frankly, with that engineering upgrade of yours, spamming some Restorers would have been a wonderful complement to the tempests and having 30-40 to cover battleships would have allowed them to bombard his base to pieces.

Horrible misunderstanding of necessity to complement highly specialized Aeon units, many of them have strong counters if left on their own, and Restorers with a small mix of t3 spy planes would have eliminated all of the Tempests' weaknesses, allowing you to bombard and not to seabed crawl, you could have used CZAR to cover air too Brain.

Overall pure luck, but fun.
#37Sokak  Jul 11 2011, 12:52 PM -
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I was a bit bored and decided to take a look for some team-play replays. With 60 wubs this caught my eye and regardless of mistakes or shoulda-coulda-woulda this was a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

As for luck, I dunno. The play at the end was deliberate and called for. Even if it was a bit desperate, it worked.

What I can add which was clearly evident in the replay was that teamwork is what won that game.

My MVP would go to Aizen for excellent support of his teammate, followed by KillerWolf for coping so well after his teammate decided to suicide and not even transfer his assets, followed by Brain for his persistence and sniffing out opportunities.
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